You wouldn't think that the Bad One is familiar with 'all that Ms. Lasked did to stop Immunological research but somehow they do. in 1980 Livingstone wheeler , followers wrote names articles how Mary Lasker stopped research on immune approaches to cancer but cant find these article any more except for her support of the increasing budget from 3 m to 1000 bill so I take back my post about her harm.

Boys put on masks and head for evening haunts.

I was temporally derailed form axcertaining all the harm that the chair woman did to cancer research. either all her bad work has been sanitized or my recollection is flawed. we shall see when the professor gets back. apparently the admin is hoping for a good jobs report increase ( forget about the infrastructure for a while), and they are talking the good effort that the cdc did with vaccinations adding to jobs as mentioned they were in a pair of pants.

Reminds one of the Yankees talking about how all their 159 average hitters are improving. how can the yabikkees survive with so much bad hitting in the end of their line up. apparently the algos admire the former chairwoman as I continue to lose subscribers. that's okay ill find her insidious work that helped to cost Artie his life along with Burton the head of the private counterpart that worked hand in hand with the chemo de riigeur

Nobody asked me but why is the current vilification of Dr. Cattle so surprising given that he wrote a love letter to the cattle trader and was obviously a tool of the cattle trader wing.

He certainly was one of the forces that sunk Pele in so many ways but especially denying the imminence of the vaccine along with the masters 100 and the two friends who worked together at Rice. why did they hate Pele so much its not cricket with all the meme stocks that the bottom feeders have in their portfolios going thru the roof. there ought to be a law.

Larry Ritter challenged me to find 1 000 ways. and then he would tell me about the legitimacy of the maestros thesis as he was the thesis adviser. he gave me a death bet confession and a publics that it was a fake. a bunch of old routine pieces that his firm had disseminated surely the ratio of pig iron production to recreational vehicles in Elkardt was somewhat out of focus "it s impossible to figure out where Dr.cattle was on these issues because we don't know" a fox investigator announcer of diversity. why is it so hard to future out he wrote a love letter to the cattle trader and every interview he gave had the effect of hurting those who his interviews had the effect of hurting al those who didn't receive 99725 in cattle trading . my article with Ms. Baum called out the only mystery. what happened to the other $275.one more into the breach



If you'd lie to see mentions occasionally to the founder of multivariate statistics and the birch back canoes of the Chippewa Native Americans do consider retweeting my tweets lest they vanish.

foxnews.com/sports/mike-krzyzewski-retire-duke will this effect the record for foul shots and defense of the constructal numbers

Coach k's departure ahs disheartened some of the constructal shooters… only a 15 point range all day and night today with a new move of onlly1 ticket from the open of 4206.

Self interview part 5. what are the best quantitive things for market people to read. instead of concentrating on calculus a nd differential equations, aspiring students should read a good book on discrete mathematics. I lie James anderson discrete mathematics but discrete mathematics with applications by rosen is also popular and good. In statistics the best books for aspirants for biostatics books. I like Wayn Daniel biostatistics and I go thru it once a week to keep in shape it has good sections on regressions , estimations  Wayne Daniel bio statistics. most of the usual stats books are much too specialized for the beginner. however, a good book on survival analysis like survival analysis and event history by d. Kleinbalm is essential. the amazing thing about stats books these days are they are all based on data analysis and r and lies with statistics. very worthless. i seem that that statistics 11th edition by Robert white is modern most recommended. a typical discrete math book has section ono logic, s ets, circuit diagrams, graphs, and trees, umber theory, counting and prob, recursion, difference equations ( my favorite, , networks, theory of codes, enumeration of colors krings etc.. all of these topics a re much more useful for the market person than knowing how to differentiate and integrate I am dining with stigler on Monday, June 7, a tradition honoring our parents and mentors which we have continued for 30 years and I will ask him what stats texts he recommends to his intermediate students and report back.

A good article on coach k's style ishttps://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/acc/duke/article123638384.html I was going to write on his style but since I don't know anything about basketball I thought I should leave it at this, except I have been impressed that he has led his freshmen to almost as may titles as the seniors, also, his players continently win scholar athlete awards, and defensive awards. he says he picks players based on character, scholarship, a nd talent. apparently he dies. he also brings back all this players to a summer camp that keeps them in touch with the for met greats. my two duke students camp out under a tent for 3 days annually to get tickets to the game where duke has won something like 95%of the games at Cameron stadium with non- conference teams. since he is 50 years older than his players he keeps in touch with music.

What has regulation wrought and how many years would it have taken for a covid vaccine for the Chippewa Native American in current style.

There was a listlessness in late 18th century France as many children of the first estate were without jobs and espoused the theories of Rousseau. Both Veridi and Mozart wrote about the lack of work effort of Paris musicians and both walked out on rehearsals. Mr. Hansen has compared the situation to Petronius Satiricon Spirit of Mary Lasker lives 



Keys to game today. many manufacturing indexes around 10 am et. will there be camp meeting to lower them or will we wait for transport on thus afternoon before employment.

Wasn't the euphoria over Phil Jackson a precursor of what we now see in the professional sports leagues.

Shout out to Irene Morrison a great business woman and friend of 60 years. shout out to Rorianne Schrade the greatest pianist I ever heard and a genius. I beg of her to indicate whether Leopold Mozart's father was a bad influence on him in his waning years. and whether the biographies I love and have posted are fair and accurate.






Self interview part 2 cont. I wore those Keds to my first tennis tournament and all the other boys made fun of me. and my first round opponent called out to the 1 seed l'll see you in the finals" that got me so angry that I won the match and lost in the finals to a Lebhar

I've always had several defects in my tennis game and never achieved much in the game. I played a lot of double with my father however, and always was the 1 doubles team. My partner frank Ripley told me at a 5oh reunion that I was the worst double player he ever partnered that wasn't much of a test in those days because Harvard had outdoor courts only and the wind was usually 50 miles an hour. after one victory Jack barnaby the great rackets coach and a mentor I revere contract. me for a very smart game. At that time I told him my most memorable  and stupid thing ever " that's nothing Jack, wait till you see me in that other game you coach( i had never played squash) ill be the champion at it" that remark has followed me in infamy

The 30 year long bond price has been between 157 and 158 for several months, an incredibly small range. all the talk about an inevitable increase in yields and what this will do to devastate stock rices seems to be overwrought to say the last. take the fear of the.

Employment announcement for May 7, there are warning s that this mite make the Fed hasten the tapering. but it will de pend on how likely the stimulus bills will be k, what the likely effect on the 2022 elections will be, how much pressure the twins will exert to will accentuate the need to hyper start the economy, the desire of Chanceg ardner to stay as chief and myriad other things including the need for more borrowings relative to the expectation rite now. In any case , its anyone's game and the most ridiculous thing. is to see

a giant move either way , e.g. socks go down because t because tbondpices should go down but bond prices aactuallygo up and vice versa

The fear of bond price declines which is the favorite talking point of the old guard especially is fanned by the general climate of fear that is endemic now. the fear of pandemic, the fear of service increase, the fear of war, the fear of breakdown in crypto

The fear of climate change, : all these fears tend to be more harmonious for those who favor more government efforts to allocate capital

Certain bureaus a re well known since the time of the tricky one to hold meeting at the camp before release and would anticipate that there will be a decision to eubonicize numbers to downsize so that infrastructure will be apace.

I've enjoyed the relation and narration of John Sterling and susan waldman , together for 30 years. Larry ritter listened to them rather than television 20 years ago and alerted rookies like me. But but, the yankees have commercials that make the listener.

Listener small. they talk about racism, and depravity, and inequity and make you ashamed to enjoy baseball while the world and U. S. is so bad. Almost as bad as the NY gov. commercials bi 5 deputy commissioners of diversity and the geico commercials which make you ashamed.

Thank you Native American tribal financial overseer of the Chippewa Dean Parisian for many years for followig and retweetig my humbel thoughts 

Dean Parisian your retweets of my humble thoughts to your former tribal clients tend to counterbalance mine regarding how bad baseball commercialls make you feel these days. By the way , Larry Ritters bet friends on the yankees bus were nicknamed Native American or what Larry Ritters book on the good old days when baseball was the National Pastime,

Self Interview part3, " vic tell us the story about meeting Paul Volker in Larry's hospital bed." Paul was a friend of Larrys and worked for him while Larry was chair of Ny Finance. He came to visit Larry while the collab and I were there to help Larry. To make conversation I suggested to Paul that the Glory cassetes and cds were very moving. Paul said that he didn't have a recorder , television or cassette because he didn't believe in technology he felt it was redundant and wasteful and expensive. He hated technology almost as much as the sage  no wonder Paul was lionized for brining the us economy to a halt by raising interest rates from 5% to 18% as it brought business and enterprise to a standstill



Self interview inspired by Tim Ferris. part 1. Name 5 books that you listen to or read that you would gift to friends every day. 1. the time that it never rained; Elmer Kelton. 2. don Quixote Michael Cervante. 3. The Life and works of Mozart Jeremey Shipman. 4 Far. side of the world Patrick Brian- 5: How Innovation works Matt Ridley 6: Monte Walsh jack Schaeffer 7; Life and Works Giuseppi Verdi– Jeremy shipman.

Self Interview part 2. :Tell us a story or teach us something: My father Arthur Niederhoffer was the perfect man. 5 librarians cam to his funeral and 7 people toale me that they loved him like an older brother. He hated gambling. told me repeatedly that all gamblers die broke.

Part 2 cont: liked to tell me the story of one of his best friends who lost everything in a card game on his way to his wedding. One day at the age of 11 , Moey Orenstein the greatest doubles handball player suggested that I play George Baskan a former pro baseball player who had a temper and broke his hand against the wall after missing an easy off the wall shot in handball. He was the best paddle ball player. I did not know Moey even knew me. I won a betting game 21-14 and my uncle Howie a handball champ said he'll never forget how I blocked Baskan out an out strategized him. at the e nd of the game, the bettors gave me a pair of Sneakers(big black Keds ) from Milties a retired policeman who knew how to vulcanize a rubber guard on Keds. MY father came into the bach after a 4-12- shift and I ran up to him , said Dad , I just beat Baskin and I won a pair. " that terrible he said. give the sneakers back I don't want you to be a gambler. you'll lose everything and become a degenerate." i became very popular in the media when I won my first Squash Nationals at age 20. Most of the popular mag mags ran big picture stories about me. They all liked to tell the Baskan story. Artie saw the stories and said " leave Baskan alone. You're embarrassing him"



Weekend associations nearness to all time highs, native Americans drums , dance, filibusters, unmasking, exuberance, Deidre, Matt, Kelton, Milano, pseudo science, Dr. cattle ,Holiday moves around Memorial day, professor rests after miss, new gen. in tennis, Joke to win Fr.



To my native American followers of Chippewa origins or other — until the Nikkei hits 3000, now 3% below and the s hits 42200, not 1/10% away , there has not been a consilience, a resolution of earthly cares, no more frustration,— harmony.

To my native American followers, the great white father dined at café Milano with Ukrainian diplomats and left big tracks.



Let the algo know that one of most loyal followers is dean Parisian who served as chief financial adviser to Chippewa native American tribe they should stop taking followers away from me for past references to dR. Cattle , the cattle trader, the Kindergarten twins.

Chance Gardner. the American dream, old man river, the Masters 100 and how the market loves progressives ,and why checkers is more stem and just as complex as chess.

Little known and important fact Dr. Brett Steenbarger was the basketball team manager of coach K, Duke team30 years ago . It was he that told me about the coaches rule of 10 consecutive foul shots before heading to entertainment and study. dr. Brett is one of those persons

Dr. Brett cando anything.. But I discovered and promote him 30 years ago. He has been kind to acknowledge that fact but in truth he would have risen to the top regardless of my helping hand.

I am sure he would be pleased that I use the 10 foul shots to lionize duke prof, a. Bejan to accentuate the markets 50000 fold a century drift 



Hello professor Bejan,, were you shooting some hopps with coach z

Professor does coach k still make you hit 10 foul shots in a row before you can get back to you normal activities. would you kindly ask him for a furlough 

The professor will be back after study period he still has a few to go. it reminds one of the man who holds the consecutive foul shooting record. he stopped at 1346 inn a row on a make. the darn gym closed.




Closing Time

May 25, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Sushil Kedia writes:

Closing TIme of key contracts, around the world has the same character feeding the vig. Irrespective of whether this character speaks Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Malaysian, Hindi, Pashto, Hebrew, German, English or American English. 

The compulsion to not carry a losing trade overnight, to square off excess positions that cannot be funded overnight etc. etc. provide a good enough number of hands who are willing to be forced out and required to be forced out at close. 

If I can spot, from my back-benches in global finance a ready made bunch of pigs to be slaughtered everyday, I am wondering why wont the 200 Billion Dollar Liquidity pumps whether run by a rocket scientist or by anyone would not be already squeezing them hour by hour as the sun moves from the East to the West? 

Wondering what is a good way to structure a study that tries to isolate statistical evidence for reversing extremas N minutes before the close of related exchanges. 

Say the Closing TIme of top 5 liquidity producing exchangs of crude future world over are noted down and a statistical study of N minutes before closing time and after closing time of each of these 5 exchangs throws up a pattern? 

And then if equity index futures that produce the top 10 volumes even if each equity index contrat is a distinct entity, is there a closing time ebb and flow that is being created by the Scientists' algorithms?  

Victor Niederhoffer writes

This is a very interesting and  an suggestive post. let's have some   feedback on ow to approach this query 

Jared Albert  writes

I think closing time/price as the sole predictor is too broad and noise will swamp any effect. 

So, to me,  the first step is classify the various conditions that exist before the close. For example, days up vs down, up/down on day, distance from x day max/min etc.

There are so many predictor variables that I don't think this is a frequentist kind of problem lending itself to logistic regression and lots of crosstabs for example.

So step one is a machine learning classification model to separate the states using the closing time movement as the target for training. 

IF it turns out that there are classifiable 'set-ups', then one could run analysis within the most promising classifications.



The 30 year bond, the long bond has had a 1 full point range for each day of the last two month that's not cricket in terms of forcing public to make contributions from being forced out due to excessive moves.

Demand replay at the constructal number as to whether it's good

I meant demanded video review of 4200 level crossed the plane or not?



What is best way to model probability of 9 greens or reds in a row and how can one predict crypto from here.

Reading time Ferris tools for titans again and I cant do the things that the warriors suggest there like getting up at 430 and doing 1000 push ups and pullups before going to gym as I had a stroke and was the least athletic champion in racket sports ever, and I abhor Keto

As all the best studies shows that eating a Mediterranean or Okinawa diet adds 8 year sot your life, but the book got me thinking of the most important market question now. the last 20 days high was 4227 , 10 days ago, and the last 20 days low was 4056 , 8 days ago. were now

Now were at 4156 , about half way between the 20 day ow and high, — what is more likely to come in the future. what is the expectation from here, and what is duration?

The entire ecosystem changes as crypto goes down and other markets will change in density and stability.. see Princeton guide to ecology l but in which direction. perhaps Mr. Sogi has an inside

See evolution of communication and ecosystems by Nicoal Loeuille. its all there. There stands Mr. Sogi stable as a caterpillar drinking his Kona coffee again with alacrity and harmony 



A non-handian run of 9 extremes of red or blue. thanks to Aubrey for showing me how to use snipping tool correctly.

There's still a little bit more from top feeders to take from the public.. any little thing is enough.

Reminiscing at a party where a solutuosu guest told Artie that she could defend herself form Mugging with karate she and learned. Now Artie was at Brooklyn collage in wrestling and boxing and football

To be a cop in those days you had to pass a physical that 1 in 200 passed. at the party goers urging Artie grabbed the karate woman in a hold and she meekly surrendered. That was the only time in 40 years of marriage I ever saw my mother Artie fight

True story. but what was the wrestling hold that Artie put her into?

At this rate I wont have any followers left lost about 50 today must have been that Milton Friedman article about why some who were non-establishment became anti establishment and anti capitalist. One must no use the term of their faith here. would be interested to see if founder of Facebook is ashamed also took a half hour longer than usual to hit lows once more into the breach.

Interesting descriptive fact. only once in history had stocks stayed above opening on options expirations at 1130 looked like an anomaly at 1120




May 20, 2021 | Leave a Comment

These is a beauty to the fateful way the  stocks followed  their  inevitability  today with a nice  100  big point range and everything of duplicity  in between,



Strange as it seems my guess is that it will stop its Herculean rise in 15 miniute . and then a little negativity after that the construal's back on for a record but let me emphasize this is only a wild guess , especially when one goes against the drift.

One had a reminiscence with my latest wild guess . I wrote a book in which I suggested that practiciones that (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srmle7

As tom said " take care of the draws and the wins will take care of themselves. ill call this one a slit win -Darwish. with the vig I the infrastructure is the only one that profits.

One is reminder that Hobo said to me " you should pay me to be around you because I am the only one that makes you look good by comparison. the infrastrue and the market makers should pay me for making wild guesses where the only one that profits is them.

Nikkei jumps 20 as operatives exit hotel.

You have to hand it to the ingenious innovator. he realizes that only way to make a sustained profit like the palindrome and the sage and all the other bilious billionaires is to become a climate person. we're ruining things with global change. reduce the service audits by 99%

I sold some spf at 1100 pm est at 4120.00 and made a few pts out of it . unbelievably from 11000 to 1130 pm was the only half hour it went up yet. as I don't ever like to be short, I read birth to a salesman y by Walter Friedman an excellent book. I learned about ncr in 1903 " thru news letters journals and speeches, Patterson communicated his theories about work and life to ncr agents. it frequently ran articles on work of horace fletcher, the advocate of thoroughly masticating freedom he hired Charles Paalmer who displayed active

Palmer active intertext in phrenology , physiognomy.. Patterson was obsessed by the numeral 5 and we spent endless time on it. for example, 5 things they must do and 5 things they must avoid. some thought Patterson a lunatic," what company today is like the ncr of yesterday.

I often tell my kids and guests to thoroughly Fletcherite the food we have

Incredibly the pprobability of Kamala Harris versus Biden for the pres. nomination in 2024 decreased today. apparently " not supposed to speak " is a sign of strength

Boys have lots of energy after "resting with cigarette"

Hats off to the algo for figuring that one out and canceling some of my good followers who all believe like me and grand innovator in climate

There is a certain beauty and majesty as to how the lobogola today was so fateful and how deceptive it was

As the man who can not be named would say " this is a grandeur in this view of life and markets

Andy Aiken hit the nail on head Andrew Aiken via http://simplelists.com 2:52 PM (1 minute ago) to spec-list (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srmlp2

You cant have breakfast all day

Had some mutton at Keens after doing a little shorting at close. see you fair Germany https://keens.com/historyofkeens/

While at Keens one mite have been able to try the mutton sampler and the Lamb with the proceeds of that last 20 pt drop if one was not just a ageing shooting star.

" No men on horses will be served at bar"



Nasdaq2 at 13346 and SP at 4149 .. double sogi's a rare need a telescope in honor of Harold Weaver a most eminent and amical and sagacious astronomer who audited my class at the suggestion of another great MFM Osborne.

Can you take a minute from the surfing to prepare some Kona, Mr. Sogi 



foxnews.com/lifestyle/bill-melinda-gates-navigate-dating-after-divorce-experts perhaps Bill will be looking for a Asian woman who knows many languages. . as Rumpole say:" why is it always the woman that causes the rift :"




May 7, 2021 | Leave a Comment

The bio  Life of Mozart  by Edward Holmes is highly recommended. Holmes is the  ideal biographer . He was a fine musician and  read  of Mozart's letters and spoke to all who know Mozart and  read the originals of all  of Mozart's compositions.  The book was written info 1840 and describes  all aspects of  Mozart's life. I found the   hereditary genius part  based on  his father Leopold  was a fine man who  was a scholar of violin. Mozart himself had a ebullient  persona and was always gullible.  he could write music from the time he as 5 and  could  play an p  piece at sight  or ear from   piano or violin. He used all the instruments in the orchestra and was  mall treated by  almost all the nobility especially the Electors  and Archbishop of Austria. You learn so  much and are inspired by the book.



The river has not yet breached the dam at 4200 at the end of light.

Query: what day in April was the last unemployment released? 


Thankfully the bonds receded today from their 20 day hi thereby the bond vigilantes return out of their hiding and drink juice.

The barrel didn't cross the plane .

Apparently the employment situation is favorable tomorrow. 

Pickleball coming to orange county for infrastructure 2 mill . along with just 1/4 million for infrastructure for former president. wife library. I a point of order. having played every racket game a nd according to Hobo Kelly. I was the best ever in the racket games, — the pickle ball top players are better than the comparable camps in paddle tennis and platform tennis. they can all hit backhand volleys flat hard.

All the top pickleball players dive for shots.. I saw pickle ball played in a Pittsburg coliseum that would have held 4 racquetball courts. it had 75 pickleball courts in it. The cost of laying down 1 pickleball court must be 1/100 of the cost of a racquetball court.

A heroical Vic, Few have heard of Carlos Hathcock despite the fact that he’s one of the most accomplished (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srmdn1

Did the Sage give his approval after trying to bring them together in following his harmonious actions in refusing to allow spouse to continue as cocktail waitress?

Checked swing at 4199.50. question for our baseball experts. especially Mr. Bastian. it seems to a rookie like me that Cole on his pitch end up off balance on his left wobbly foot. doesn't this present him from proper defense? what is market analogy? 

Market fouls 4 balls at 4199.50 a quadruple top never holds. guessing that " she will go" she went while I writing this. 




https://scienceofrunning.com/2017/05/the-roger-bannister-effect-the-myth-of-the-psychological-breakthrough.html?v=47e5dceea252 interesting analogy to breaking thru 4000 in the sp. first stagnation then astounding progress. story of zapotek reminds me of when he propagandized me at UN award ceremony but that[s another story.

Apparently mlb viewership is up over 2020 and 2019 . what is the implication of this for the call for boycott over Atlalnta and the market? 

Apparently coke knew that hat they are doing with support of removal and lawyers billing hours for diversity.

A meandering cataclysms on the way to next constructal. Mr. Pele continuing his pele like efforts energize opposition. that's bull. First he lost the senate . next he kicks the ball away from the house




Another reason that I stepped down was that I felt that if I ever mentioned the depth of my feelings against the woke things happening that I would ruin it for Yelena. fortunately, the herd feels that Woke is bull so it didn't hurt my guesses too much. by the way if there is any.

One that has forecasted the market better than we did in the four months we were together, Ill eat my hat. note that we caught the big bearish days when the fed couldn't woke it up. and we were with the weather gage from a continuous 36000 to 4200.

A typical video showing gregarious nature of buffalo that wasn't canceled.

I empathize with the diversity of not Atlanta and coke as far as market goes. so I am a little rusty on baseball. what do they call it when the batter has two strikes against him ,he takes a partial swing? something like did he go for it? please tell me as i love base ball.

The official call is " he went around at 3; 51 ET.

Guess the firmament doesn't like baseball. I lost 20 followers with the baseball checked swing. could it have a nothing to do with coke?

Interesting from the life of Mozart. they had hi frequency musicians in Vienna. when Mozart at 12 yrs scheduled to perform his opera. all the Viennese musicians refused to let him conduct or perform so as not to be embarrassed from http://Bonn.like the claques in Italy. 



Highly recommended book. The Life of Mozart by Edward Holmes. Learn about a great and optimistic genius , and his music and the hard life he was subjected to. Never has a biographer been more qualified and more diligent than Holmes. A model of Biography also highly recommended book. The Life of Mozart by Edward Holmes. Learn about a great and optimistic genius , and his music and the hard life he was subjected to. Never has a biographer been more qualified and more diligent than Holmes. A model of Biography also the river flow gets slower and slower and narrower and narrower. regardless of the physic s its not good for the top feeders there's not enough vig.

It is amazing how all the predators like lions that attack buffalos never find the buffalos herd helping. even if there ae 50 buffalo they stand idly by while the lion does his lethal thing. He who may not be mentioned writes about the slavish and herd like behavior. He writes about the impossibility of finding an oxen or buffalo to lead the herd. He likens the herding and following behavior or these beast to humans and I would liken them to market participants.

I would recommend the Sennett Aiken blog to your consideration. Andy knows many things that I don't know at all e.g. individual stocks ad crypto . would suggest that between them they will provide valuable insight s better than any other source.

I stepped down from the podcast because I am ageing and the task of staying up with all the woke as well as a market insight or two was interfering with my trading,, eating, and sleeping. I was sorry to big adieu and thanks for all the kind thoughts that were sent. 



It's anyone's game from her.



Finally a move through constructal 42000 to new all time high with maximum of big corp capture of crisis mentality. the gradual taking off of masks should exert a ebullience.

Sound waves from Andy Aiken and Vic's pod cast of April 28 exist but no sound has reached human ears. can someone help us transmit our hard thought efforts to the public.

Some biotech, crypto, and SP regularities , and discussion of whether government capital spending trumps private capital spending, - the ebullience of taking off masks, the invasion of individualism recedes 


It seems to me that the 4200 level would be an apt time to revisit all the policies that will stifle innovation ,@ the mutually beneficial voluntary exchange that has led to the tremendous increase in prosperity and decline in poverty over past years . a good ref.

Bastiats parable of the broken window seems highly apt to me. all the 6 trillion of spending mite have led to more productive activates by the public as memorized by the followers of Bastiat, Hayek, Ridley, and Jeremy Siegel



The calm before the storm. ie one had to forecast it wouldn't be bull.. North Carolina where I visited two duke students in family invaded by snatchers. Duke itself a chimera of snatchers.

Everything that flows has in itself the tendency to reconfigure its path so that it flows more and more easily" - Adrian Bejan April 25, 2021 

In a meeting with Adrian Bejan on April 25, he added a a feature to his constructal theory related to market moves that I presented to him. the theory is that the market moves thru cataracts. - a waterfall followed by a temporary reduction in the flow to a new constructal 




There stands Mr.sogi solid as a stone wall freshly grinding' ' ' Kona coffee for the battle tomorrow.

The fangs love as they know that they can handle the credits and hobble the competitors unto oblivion . what do they call it "capturing the — 

Rent seeking will occur vis planned increases in capital service rates for corps and individuals .

Rent vic being seeking galore but no insider trading happened at all time high. but quickly captured into nugatory by the 100 at Masters , the the bilious billionaires.. sogi standing tall tomorrow.

Andy Aiken ace reliever comes in for Vic on Friday April 30 and Monday May 3. Vic scheduled to start again May 4. threw too many balls dead center.

Vedi published a letter from an irate opera goer who demanded his money back for a performance of Il Trvator. Verdi gave his money back and insisted that the newspapers print the letter of complaint . he refused to reimburse for the return meal.

Victor Nasnsen following in Verdi's tradition. I got the letter with numerous impersonation retweeted by Mr. Hansen. and it was scary as I am not a farmer versed on Military matters until I realized it was a different Vic that the imprecations were hurled at.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=ek7m3IS5ftI Mr. Sogi standing tall one if sows the wind, reaps the whirlwind. 



Hello Mr Sogi how ae you feeing will you be having some Kona coffee later today.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=I6jk0wuCyo0 profit is without honor in his own home.

I am sending out the winner of the Galton quote today. I have winners as follows: Gates Torrey, Ashton Tate, Peter J. Swan, Matthew Gasda, Zee, Henri Huws,Andy Aikon, Venkaksh, Miroslaw, John marris. If there is any other winners please send me your address. 



A transition day to 4200 but then 4 straight breaks of round number without interruptus with terrible backdrop of apologia and exculpation from all corners staring one below the belt.

Transition from major the Sogi level to a minor in the 60's.

I receive a call to intern for me. Mr. Shilopez was my last intern and the next thing he knew he was eating thanksgiving dinner with us. I talk a much better game than I play unfortunately.

Mr. sogi battling the waves in Japan down 900.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=fhJl4JFXbw0 hard to take Kona coffee with Nikkei down 900.

Phil Kerpin ( dare one mention ) asks why all the sudden half of medias overnight came out against outdoor masking.

https://unusualwhales.com/i_am_the_senate " one has to be kidding"

All things considered, it looks good from 4115 to me but I am often wrong.

The frog jumped out at 4110.50.



Just to clarify the contructals up to 3200 sp futures June are bull . One apologizes for the typos.

It's still possible to make a fortune in tech http://paulgraham.com/richnow.html?curator=MediaREDEF 



The more progressive it gets in the future the more bull it becomes up to 3400. However a look at political economists from Smith to Misses to Hayek to Mises to Ridley is sobering.

https://amazon.com/How-Innovation-Works-Flourishes-Freedom/dp/B07Y8R2GV8/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=how+innovation+works&qid=1618708847&sr=8-1a highly recommended. Informative book with respect to progressive spending versus the market. .the example if the 30 million test of the foregoing in 1940 where the long distance plane sponsored by the former group crashed is highly resonant.

As my tweets could be misinterpreted by the pessimists and the crisis mongers, please remember my request to retweet any thing you find worthy of communication rather than liking it et al 



Very useful interview with Andy Aiken on all things crypto.

studio.youtube.com/video/f07qX-2xIPE/edit very greenish day so far after long scan of green and yellow up days in SP.



studio.youtube.com/video/yqPeBzKLR9k/ed what happens when a streak ends? Lou Gehrig versus Pele, turn in Thursday at 520 for great interview with Andrew Aiken



This isn't cricket so far range of 10 ppts doesn't give top feeders any extra profits from forcing the weak out.. night eminis even less volatile and less profitable for strong.

He crossed the line of campers at Kinidergard last time. must say economy weak this time to be chosen for red team.

Anything to get more stimulus in tribute to those below the median.

Free associations —break from masters tournament via zoom, how dependent a and resentful are you, , you cant afford lobbyists, lawyer any service critics and subsidies for me, one down day, that was dirty trick against CNN manager,, truth serum with a sparrow.



Everything was up today. All the feedback loops are positive. the most bullish thing of all is that now the professional sports leagues and their followers in the big corps will have yet another reason to be one with the idea that has the world in its grip.

As Ridley says the leaders who show the most empathy and are against the most will win the McCartur award or even the Nobel peace award.

And the market's being up 10 days in a row, close toc lose, and 13 items open to close in a row, is quite bullish,4200 SP and of course 30000 Nikkei are in the sights and have the weather gage. and the reasons are exponentially increased by the violence of yesterday.

One demur for asking a favor. but– I have a lot of friends on this site built yup with mutual trust and I believe benefit over many year. but no matter what I tweet, I am losing followers. I believe it is because the algorithms mistakenly believe that I am not woke enough and worse yet I like baseball and the former captain of the Yale baseball team who's edging above the famous sharp golf player. For example when I tweeted that we should all celebrate the Market breaking thru 3100 in the face of tremendous obstacles. I received the greatest response ever for me over 12000 impressions. Yet I lost many subscribers that day. I don't believe it was the bears who gave up on me. Apparently I demurred to the words " stop it, stop it regarding a baseball refraction. Similarly when I allude toe he who must not be mentioned.

For example his suggestion that a traveler in the bush secrete a silver flask with a diamond in lest he be robbed and have no wherewithal l left ( but as Stigler says " beware that you don't get skinned alive in the search for more secreted valuables" 

In any case the favor is this kindly instead of impressioning my tweets or liking it, kindly retweet it. In that way I will counter balance the cascade of algorithmic losses of friend subscribers and will be able to continue tweeting with dignity. Thank you. 



Adventure Probability interesting application of probably to his one field from Hobo Adventure is strictly (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlhfh.

A review of a travel book by he whose name may not be mentioned " do not profess to receive hints for a trip (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlhp3 

The top feeders in the ecosystem received a breath of fresh air from the Huang loss of 5 billion and it provided energy for the markets recent and unprecedented rise thru two round numbers. this is typical when a player is margined out bit. one should make a history of such.

Recently 2 companies whose culture was faith based have received considerable attention. Huan and Wework. One should make a study of companies whose culture is based in large part on faith and look at their sub performance. what is good source for faith based companies?

Predictive correlation of faith with subsequent performance seems mixed.

If Mr Bassett wished to be briefed on how to cross a river by holding on to a horses tail and other brilliances he should follow the art of -travel

Use number 35 for a hat. "if a traveler can swim pretty well it is a good idea to make a float when he wishes to cross a river and to lay his breat on it while his valuables are enclosed in a large turban on his head" from an ingenious gentleman whose name not mentioned.

Quote of day " I have observed that not the man who hopes when others despair , but the man who despairs when others hope is admired by a large class of persons as a sage" Jsmill quoted by Matt Ridley in his highly recommended book " the Rational Optimist" .



Proverb of day. Be careful of the opportunity that is knocking may in fact be defeat cloaked in the guise of victory.

Shout out to Lrene Morrison for resilient performance. 5o years ago she ran two companies select a sprint and American almond and did heroic jobs.. Alan millhone played in college checker tournament 50 years ago and is now fine player and president of American checker federation.




An interesting recommendation from the Hobo Michener is the most prolific producer of tomes on my passion of (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlffc



The Archi Huang loss to credit Suisse and Nomura calls into review the famous essay by the great man of the 19th century " the efficacy of Prayer:" Mr. Huang liked to deal with those wearing cross necklaces and when a stock went up he often said " it was blessed by the Good one. On the efficacy of prayer. after careful study of the lives of missionaries and those most prayer for and the rates on annuities for the prayerful, the author concludes " it seems to me clear that all belief in the efficacy of prayer must be yielded:"

"The evidence I have been able to collect ( and it is extensive in 10 fields) bears wholly and solely in the direction( of inefficacy) and in the face of it the onus probandi must henceforth lie on the other side.

What are the chances that the SP will hit rise above 4100 before falling below 4050? a statistically study seems appropriate . of the last 9 where the SP reached a new high in the 80's, eight of them sailed on the hundred before succumbing to the 50"s.( thanks to Susan)

Susan for 45 years has studiously assisted in studies like this and now that she has 1 grand children and counting it is good to see she still can organize and memorialize a study in the spirit of the great quantifier of the 19th century. 



https://studio.youtube.com/video/NXCRJMETC1o/edit invasion of the body snatchers, a very progressive and therefore bull day forthcoming, odds of presidential election changing against former prez. a series of maxs interruptus.

Proverbs from two great men one from the 19th century,1 from the 20th century. the rational optimist.

Mr. tiger where have you been? I've missed you. what do you think about the quintessential American game being politicized. Larry and I would have felt this very bearish. he was " doc Greenspans " thesis adviser and gave me the skinny on its falsity.

The operatives get out of their love hotels and note the humiliations of the Nikkei below 3000 while the SP breaches 4000 with ease on its way to 5000.

To the 10 people who won the search for the great mans quote from 1883 , please bear with me as it will take a week or two to send your prize as I am just a individual trader with no back up without much mobility but as Art Bisguier liked to say " the Hindhu will do.

What he can do>> I believe this was a reference to the great Indian player who beat Capablanca without so much as considering castling as it was not in their rules.

Nobody asked me but there is something loathsome about the official saying " stop it, stop it" in response to legit query. also interesting is the officials apparent failure to remember his treasury secretary's name.

Nobody asked me but there is something out of kilter with a high official trying to increase corporate service rates over the world .

What's the name of Chinese house of rep who always knows the minutes before hand and makes big bet with exotics and where is she now.

Judy chu always seems to have skinny on what's happening with government announce. they used to follow fed open market board to the men's room before open market announcements. some one should put an hour guard around Judy chu before such announcements as coming 200 pm. One guesses she's long until close.

Quote of day " life 'in general may be looked upon as a republic where the individuals ae for the most part unconscious that while they are working for themselves they are also working for the greater good.



Quote of day " the conditions that direct the order of the whole of the living world around us are marked by their persistence in improving the birthright of successive generations " they determine at much cost of individual comfort that each plant and animal shall on.

The general average be endowed at its birth with more suitable individual faculties than those of its representative in the preceding generation" a great man's quote and along with Ridley's idea and its extension the real reason for the 50000 fold a century drift.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=F7xjzAn510s influence of baseball, the day's progressive news, a continuous rise of 150 points et al .

A prize of signed copy of education of a speculator will be given to the first 10 individuals who can finish the next sentence of the optimistic quote of the great man . send to vniederhoffer@gmail.com.

Thank the good one that the odds on the Governor are catching up to the former Prez. Let us hope that a verdictive bitter critique is not forthcoming.

There have been some good detective work on the great man's quote.// Mr. Ze suggests that I give his regards to Mr. Sogi. what are the chances that Mr. Sogi will have to disgorge his cup of Kona today? 

The winners so far are Aiken, Venkatech, Howe, Owen. Ashton, swan, Pitt, Martin, two more you can post here if you couldn't get thru. but don't put any names in it, as one doesn't want to lose any more subscriber friends.

Had a dream based in Mill valley, cal.. I was not a financial adviser but a Dr. The streets outside were empty, for sale signs were up all over. no one was washing windows. and my patients kept coming in with a strange malady. their fathers, kids didn't seem to be the sane anymore.

Mr. Ze was a winner too. 

wsj.com/articles/vaccine-passports-prolong-lockdowns-11617726629?mod=hp_opin_pos_2 how did Harvard let this one get out the door (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlbrk.

The world traveler and man of many talents shares what's happening in slab city https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxwLtQNngcbMLNTsNDZljgWpcPTn (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlbs3 

The man of many talents and the world traveler once used the match marking sites of his day. He mentioned (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srlbs7 .

Proverb of day" speaking of defeat: after a couple of losses:: the poorest draw looks like a brilliancy: stick in there ( a very appropriate one for bears who were confronted by a 170 point continuous SP rise and be visited with a 2 point decline today. 



Some numbers 60 million bird watchers in America, 5 millions members of book clubs– what other number of Bourgleois virtues can you dig up?

Apparently 20- 25 million anticipants each of baseball , basketball, and football. 



https://amazon.com/Bourgeois-Virtues-Ethics-Age-Commerce/dp/B01NBJOANS/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=bourgeois+virtues&qid=1617546179&sr=8-1 another bourgeois virtue being tarnished or destroyed by elites, big corps, et al


Birdwatching, square dancing, , chess, shell collecting, baseball.. national pastimes what ordinary people do. how will it affect the markets? barbershop, square dancing, birdwatching, a visit to their national conventions– or halls of fame, frequently attended by 25000 or more gives one confidence in the strength of the common person. how will politics, infringe on baseball, the former nat pastime.



Homeostasis and contructal having been achieved, the 4030's seem high.

His is the worst decision baseball has made since the [1994] strike," Travis wrote. "You need an ID to pick up tickets to attend a baseball game. Or to get a beer inside once you’re there. But MLB is moving the all star game because you need an ID to vote? This is pure insanity." 

Dr Cattle says he doesn't think anyone would consider him a scare monger. One would ask him if he has ever sad anything that a reasonable person would not think would have the effect of making the progressive case more rewarding and the other side more costly. 

Excellent books recommended from Marginal Analysis 




Proverb of day. Wiswell. " weakness of character are normally shown in a game of chess" Gary Kasparov. " weakness of character are normally chown in a game of checkers" Wiswell. " weakness of character are normally shown in the game of markets " victor

SP at 3983 perilously close to 4000. what we need is service rates raised for corps and individuals ," office of Handicapper General.

Plus sa change, plus cest la meme chose "





March 31, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Victor Niederhoffer  writes:

To what extent were major discoveries in pharmacy like Fleming on penicillin profit  making actives.

Henry Gifford writes

Fleming I heard wanted the world to enjoy and benefit from his discovery, thus he didn't patent it, thus nobody spent the money to get it tested and approved, thus it was another 10+ years until it was widely available. I don't know who footed the bill for his lab or his salary.

Much work on diseases has been done by various military organizations, as "casualties" (solders becoming unavailable to fight) in-theater are caused more by disease than enemy action in many wars. I hear the US Army reportedly cured yellow fever and maybe other things.

Stefan Jovanovich writes:

I think the discovery itself is often not profit motivated. Flemming: "One sometimes finds, what one is not looking for." I suppose one then needs to create an environment whereby one can not look for what one is looking for. Variously, pharma companies have tried it, given up on it, outsourced, and required it, depending upon their shareholders patience for R&D. Perhaps SPACs are the perfect vehicle as they are blind capital? There is an argument that RNA based medicine is going to be more targeted and solution oriented and therefore might fit the capitalist mould better.

Today PFE announced its vaccine is 100% effective on 12-15 year olds and should be distributed amongst that population. Is the justification for vaccinating that group that it will reduce transmission and therefore protect the old? Wouldn't it be better to deploy any injection to vulnerable groups? 12m kids is 15% of 70m seniors. Amid a pandemic, what historical parallel is there for a vaccine being given to one subpopulation (for whom the disease has minimal effect) in order to protect another (the old)? And what about the fact that giving acquired immunity to the young might reduce their innate immune response if there is an evolved variant of the virus (or is this not a possibility)?



Victor Niederhoffer  writes:

How many of the great inventions were made for profit  rather than government sponsored or the common good.    

Peter writes:

If war is government sponsored great inventions (in some cases for profit as well) - I believe you will cover most of the great advances in medicine, aerospace, computers, etc…add the Cold War space race and most of the items in my kitchen can be added to the invention list.

Stefan Jovanovich writes:

The grand achievement of the American integrated freight system - now the world's logistical model - was almost entirely a product of the mass stupidity we call the Civil War.

James Lackey writes:

Mr Stephan,

You've got to admit that pure speculation in rail paper traded in NYC was important.

Victor Niederhoffer  writes:

lets do some more justice to the influence of profits making on invention. I've only listed the ones where great industries were formed and there were patent fights. Newcomen– steam engine, John kay– flying shuttle,  Hargreaves– spinning jenny, James watt steam engine, Cartwright –power loom, Whitney– cotton gin and interchangeable parts, Trevithick road steam locomotive, Stephenson–railways. Isambard Kingdom Brunel - revolvers, colt, brunel steam ship, singer, home sewing machine, Bessemer steel processing, more telegraph, Edison lightbulb Benz internal combustion engine.



studio.youtube.com/video/c83zprvYH8o/edit the market drifting around one time hits, credit Suisse, serial correlation of employment.

Handicapper General on the ball, finally sets all time high in conjunction with service increases. all we need is to sustain his is for Fangs, sage, Palindrome to cheer for even higher service rates without that, regularities are bear from here.

A very progressive day with stocks according at an all time high, instead of unmentionably subjects lets have some wisdom from the great adventure traveler Keely 12:53 PM (5 (cont) https://tl.gd/n_1srl1le 



Proverb of day from Thom Weisel– every defeat not checked today will haunt you by future defeats tomorrow.. defeats that are corrected are transformed into victories.

It was a Harrison Bergerac day with the handicapper general playing an all court game : the teachers in San Diego are teaching the migrants in school to not regulate students– the successful companies are in his sites for cancelation of their patents, and for defending themselves ( in the case of amazon) The General has in his sites the growth companies. and he refuses to hit 4000 sp until the sage calls for more service revenues compared to his secretary.



Xclnt article in Sunday NY times " the house always wins" bet 365 - how does vig compare? in game betting — when will it come to our markets.? what are chances that the sogi will be hit 3 times in next 10 minutes? what chances that sage will call for -before 1100 pm bet 365 limits amount that winners can bet same as robin hood on game stop . polymorphism, coefficient of relatedness.

Could not be a more progressive day and thus more bull. 



Proverb of day "exercising the right of occasional suppression and slight modification, it is truly absurd to see how plastic a limited number of observations become ,in the hands of men with preconceived ideas. quoted by Stigler in The Seven Pillars of Statistical wisdom.

The previous quote is by the namesake of Stigler's hero and my first daughter . it is applicable to most of the mumbo jumbo that is encapped by charting and other coincidences.

Hint : for even mentioning his name as the father of multivariate analysis stretcom fired me and Laurel 20 years ago.  



The garden of forking paths: Why multiple comparisons can be a
problem, even when there is no “fishing expedition” or “p-hacking” and
the research hypothesis was posited ahead of time
 Andrew Gelman† and Eric Loken‡ 14 Nov 2013

Researcher degrees of freedom can lead to a multiple comparisons
problem, even in settings where researchers perform only a single
analysis on their data. The problem is there can be a large number of
potential comparisons when the details of data analysis are highly
contingent on data, without the researcher having to perform any
conscious procedure of fishing or examining multiple p-values. We
discuss in the context of several examples of published papers where
data-analysis decisions were theoretically-motivated based on previous
literature, but where the details of data selection and analysis were
not pre-specified and, as a result, were contingent on data.




Susan Niederhoffer writes:


Victor Niederhoffer writes:

How many of  this typical spec party enjoyed this opus from the greatest piano player of our generation.



wsj.com/articles/the-long-tail-of-the-pandemic-puppy-business-11616770770?mod=hp_lista_pos3 the hiways and byways shadows and lights of a great trader Larry Williams.

https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC85UPcd0vziV3C8ShkRvfCA hiways and by ways of a trader Larry Williams https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UC85UPcd0vziV3C8ShkRvfCA.




March 27, 2021 | Leave a Comment

Victor Niederhoffer  writes:

What can the physics of pressure tell us about markets.  when a large accumulation of sel orders is directed at one point the force /area is great as it is in a triple top or double top or break thru the sogi/ what other elementary physical principles apply to markets. 

Zubin Al Genubi writes:

I can venture to say the idea of Gravity does NOT work in markets. Looking at a chart one gets the illusion of height or that gravity might effect prices but it is an illusion and a dangerous misleading illusion.

Peter DeBaz writes:

I'm not a physicist, so I'm sure that any understanding I have of physics would make a pro scoff.  Financial "momentum" could be an expression of newton's first law.  VN's original idea could be a restatement of f=ma, newton's second.  And finally, "value" trading could be a violation of the second law of thermodynamics, which is why, one could argue, that it never worked (lol). 

Andrew Aiken writes:

Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing formula is a direct restatement of the heat (diffusion) equation:

ut − ∆u = f(x, t)

and later refinements such as Heston, which allows for pricing “jumps”, are extensions of this equation with additional conditions.

(I prefer to price options in a way that doesn’t underprice tail risk)



Bonds finally going down but still 1/2 pt above 1 year lows.

Interview today with the great and multi dimensional Larry Williams today on Yelena victor blog at 500pm



Proverb of day. particularly apt for last 3 days - down a cumulative 2.5%, "your game is often less strong in the ending than it appears in the opening - the truth of the matter is that it was lost in the muddle".

One of those irrational reaction. tapering in play. ultimately. that's supposed to bearish for bonds as fed doesn't buy more debt and sell some. but bonds don't go down. but stocks dol. what is the reason? does the liquidity from bonds go directly to stocks?

One nost Germany just down 0.15 %. the sogi level of 3850 is in play. excessive bear in stock in my opinion, buying some before below the sogi level of 3850. one notes bonds finally down 3 tick before was up 10 tips for day. what are chances of blue day if not today then tomorrow.

If it was good for silage and vig and busted spec overnight like at 430am est then why not create some transactions and especially vig now.

The end game didn't work for 75 pts and last 3 games. perhaps a refutation of the infrastructures defense this time.



This is interesting that I've heard from many spec that the move from the low in march is u p 50% and this is very rare and very bear. but tut have tested it. its not so rare and its bullish. Mr. Pink gives me a nice study going back to 1922. the points is that as usual the conventional wisdom and yet another reason to be fearful is totally malarkey and mumbo jumbo.

Gentlemen bout of love hotel at 430 am there time . they stayed a little later than anticipated.

On Ridpath Tribute Inbox Linden Doerr <lwdoerr@gmail.com> 12:10 PM (1 hour ago) to me Please consider for (cont) http://tl.gd/n_1srkol9 



Proverb of day : if I hadn't gone there:; if I hadn't made that capture: if I hadn't sacrificed a piece: if it were not for the "ifs "wed all be champions.

The stimulus twins testify today. that; must be why bonds going thru roof.

https://zerohedge.com/markets/american-health-regulators-slam-astrazeneca-releasing-incomplete-trial-data problem may be their outsized contribution to a certain governors association.

If I hadn't waited to buy after the opening, if I had bought crude when I wanted to down 270 on the day, if I hadn't waited until cancel gardener said the economy was no god, if I had been , if I hadn't up at 500 am when the SP was hitting 3910, if I hadn't suggested that the basketball team Liberty change its name as its not in keeping with the Tripoli,, if I had bought Nasdaq instead of SP, if I hadn't been turned off buying so because the Nikkei was down big–

Proverb of day. the race is not to the swiftest, nor the slowest. the laurel wreath is awarded to the steadiest and the surest.

It was a blue day yesterday and so far its blue also. with Nasdaq in the green.

Gentlemen get computer warning from love hotel at 28300 Nikkei.



Happy days a Barron Coleman day bonds and stocks very green.

https://dailyspeculations.com/wordpress/?p=7285spp some time ago, Mr. Steveelison defined a flexion index as the performance of the financial sector stocks versus the averages. With a flexion in the Defense Dept. deviating his attention to diversity and progressive , this mite be an interesting play. 



Proverb of day goes along with errors in anticipating , every aspect of day. " we all have losing days, drawing days, and wining days: not every day is a loosing day: and not every day is a drawing day, and although we may not like it, not every day is a winning. Not every day is a winning day: that's life in chess, checkers and markets.



Did you know that Dailyspeculations.Com now has a Youtube Channel ?

You can find it here

Or you can find a link on this page, further down on the right side under Resources & Links




Thank you very much. I was able to shave and then have a refreshing cup with Mr. Sogi virtually.

Mt.ag trader we will pay half and whenever you're ready were game.

For those who just found my twitter I am a shooting star could be canceled at any time as the algorithm's mistakenly believe i am not progressive enough so your following me mite be ephemeral 

Mr. Woland asks me to o pine on an article which says that foreign bonds a re much more attractive than us bonds. I am not an expert on this. but after a 30 big point decline in bonds I would hesitate to be overly bearish on them. the fed is in a pair of pants on bonds.

As mentioned. eventually they will have to stop raising rates as it will hurt the vote buying. as for foreign bonds being much more attractive, the yields are all equilibrated by the forward rates in currencies. so where it look like you are getting extra yields.

In foreign bonds you are expected to lose a much in the exchange rate. I apologize if this is too naïve and doesn't answer your question but I am not astute enough to digest a erudite study in a disparate field with my ageism and stroke. 

Proverb of the day" chess and checkers represent our intellectual nourishment. they are available to all, and they are ours for the taking. Some take to chess, and some take to checkers, like a fish to water" and a few hardy souls like Harry Pillsbury( who could play 30 game.

Pillsbury could play 30 games simultaneously blind folded while engaged in a game of ping pong and exchanging share repartee) develop ability in both games. However, the majority of players are content to play and master one of these great games: although the masters do not.

The masters do no really master either game. Life is too short for either game) Tom Wiswell.

Big cons in the market and life. importance of reducing vig by going for big gains or losses, the best western book of all time, intro to Elmer Kelton, and a meal for limited time on triple witching hour, books my family owned the role of police et al.

Shocking decline Nikkei down2.5% over night. From re sofar green with bonds and stocks. crude say above 60.00. Ms. Harries 50% more likely to be president in 2024 than Mr. Biden according to betting odds. Harvard pretends to be caring of Asians.

The round number couldn't be prenumbered.. the prediction of an up opening was wrong by 8 big pts. grains and crude are up.. bullish vibes for the future especially next week. how low can the fed force bonds down to increase service rates and wealth penalty.

Proverb of day: when you beat players on the way up, let them down gently: you are sure to meet them again.. on the way down. and a bonus: don't play on a heavy meal: a hungry player is a good player.

Beware of getting in over your head so that your brokerage or clearing firm can close you out without notice.

Today was one of those days where you keep looking at the screen after the close, and thinking that some final ticks are missing — and sure to come in a few minutes.



Aftermath of open market meeting, bond vigilantes bring bond down to 153 handle. Nikkei reaches 303000 but then recedes to 299254 now. stock market has nice 2% decline form 3980 high. a bad day for woke .There creating recrimination Damocles sword hangs over chance gardener.

Dr. cattle " its a race between the virus and the vaccine, "could be better in 2022.

Any ideas that were based on the rally fizzling at yesterday's close are vitiated,

Mr. ag trader. can we interview you at 5pm Est time. We admire a man who speaks plain truth.

When I was in my prime, my uncle Roy worked for us and was then as always very facile with the computers. at age of 13 he had produced 100 games and had 10 brights from great neck south working for him. He produced voice program that was triggered by prices . and Paul Derosa said it was better than any trading manager. one of the computer vocalizations was " how Loo can bonds go " it is relevant. and we humbly request an interview with Mr. ag trader to augment the computer.

Mr James Altucher worked for us also. and I complement him on one foot he most deceptive door openers that I have ever had the gullibility to be exposed to. ill finish the story when I drink my coffee.

The funny thing about the door opener that induced the hire is that I believe MR. Alutcher would be very proud of it to this day it is. Speaking of Mr. Altucher one must point to the several years that MR. Adam Robinson worked for us. He often played chess with Art beguiler.

Its anyone's game as of 11 pm Est



Last on3 on 1 -22 opened down 48 big pts and then went down 88 from there that would be good for anyone including the croc hunters.

"If you cut off the tall trees the tulips will grow" chance gardener.

Thanks goodness the germens and Japanese were forewarned.

What we can all agree on is if all humans were ordered to sleep with mask's and never get out of bed , the climate would be much better and the virus would be checked. And this doesn't only apply to 2 year old but to new born and old folks also.

I am leaving the table to study checkers proverbs. you can play my hand but at your risk .

While I'm away from the table I'll have a serving of dairy queen milk shake and I'll study all Geico advertisements over the past years to see if they are the apotheosis of the sage's contempt for the common man and call for increased service rates. 

Proverb of the day " if you want to be certain of your position, begin by doubting it" tom would apply that himself . In any hard fought game he'd stop and thoughtfully say " I'm in over my head . I better simplify: tom was undefeated for 25 years while he was world champion.

The funny thing is that all good checker players learn to think 40 moves or so forward. so when a good player says the ending is ambiguous I better simplify he's often thinking 4o moves in advance or several alternative paths depending which for the opponent takes. that's why checkers is a game of exactitude. to say nothing about how a good player will know the book and in the old days have a manuscript with thousands of games.

As Tom says so common is the game of checkers that its profundity if to the lay mind an unreality— a kind of harmless fiction. to the student the wonders of the board are astonishing realities.

youtube.com/watch?v=v_J_PI_vIzc how a pair of pants swayed the folks at Fed to raise interest rates and goose stocks. a solution to climate change, what should be your stopping rule, the influence of luck. the wisdom of Odysseus, arousal of cuome, woke cubed to fan service rates. 




Tune in to blog for relation of birds to market, arousal, eating their own, contagious of me too, Brooklyn college losing 85 to -3 to Notra Dame.

Unsolicited guidance for Elon Musk. Follow the blazing path of the Palindrome, the fang founders, the Sage, - be more progressive in your statements, shout out for me service duties on the wealthy. Hank Reardon was destroyed.

I do like a man like Mr. ag trader who tells you right out what's going to happen. don't we all. And the man that's telling the truth when he says he is not, I distrust most of all because that's going contrary to the laws of nature. said the fat man.

The fed is in a pair of pants now. they want to help the progressives along to raise taxes on the above average. so if they knock interest rates down again they can make the case that they better not tighten money or reserve rules or threaten not to buy all the debt.

From innumerable stimulus bills. all rite they want to help the current admin along by increasing interest rates to an unsustainable level( like 3 of the long bond(.but if they do that , they have to make sure that the stocks don't go down 1200 big points like last. So they must change the language or the projections so that its' good for stocks and bad for bonds. What's the sports analogy of the situation the fed is in?

One thing for sure they can count on the bi-partisan congressional budget office to predict that raising taxes will reduce the deficit. you see since they cant use dynamic scoring if taxes were raised to 100% say from their current level of 50% ,they would score it as they would score it as a 500% increase in service revenues received over 5 year. thus no more deficit. if the CDC goes along and they're fellow travelers so that's for sure, they could eliminate all humans from getting out of bed in morning and stay there. with no activity. Not only would the deficit go to zero, but the climate would get colder and carbon emissions would be lower. of course I am very woke because the more it's woke the better for stock market and most of my much needed wealth since I am retired is in the stock market held back the announcement (I think based on a little bird who knows) to sink the former prez.

Proverb of day from Tom Wiswell : no victory depends on chance; instead, skill, science, and study are the winning watch words.



Guaranteed to happen : the "non-partisan" committee will calculate that a wealth tax on those with wealth above 1million will generate 2 trillion in extra taxes in 5 years provided anyone who reduces wealth goes to jail. dynamic scoring will not be allowed.

Mr. Sogi do you take your Kona coffee with milk, sugar, or ice cream for a celebration.

Art disguiser in our chess games when I took four minutes to think after getting myself into an unfathomable , and untenable position would shake his head and say " now you're thinking ?!!!" 

I hasten to add that I could never give Art a god game. I never became a decent chess player. I took the game and lessons up when the Palindrome asked ordered me to play a game. the Palindrome once beat Art in a game. Nigel Davies toyed with Art who by that time was in 70's

In my defense I am a mediocre checker payer and took lessons for 25 years weekly from the great Tom Wiswell. 

Art won the national Jr. national open and National senior championships and beat Reshefsky a few times.

I arranged for Art to teach chess to the Palindrome and his family, but the Palindrome called a halt to it as Art was self taught and had no system although he could annotate the history of any men going back t the 19th century.

Free associations Hand size as a door opener with young high heeled blonds with dress: no dynamic scoring allowed in "non-partisan congressional budget office– importance of break thru to new high and fast conquering of 50's level for SP and Bitcoin. remember you cant.

You cant have breakfast all day . and the Sogi level can bed a magnet both ways. anyway Kona coffee all around. new all time high for SP after 30 days of waiting.

youtube.com/watch?v=Vq4ftBaRuwY you cant have breakfast all day at 26: 54 second into performance.



Grocery store workers are working, meat packers are working, hell bars and restaurants are open in many (cont) http://tl.gd/n_1srkchr is max interruptus bull or bear. Sennett victor blog will have answer today as well as non-overlapping expectations for key markets wen in habitat or Nas down and SP up.

One can imagine the delays that would have been visited on the vaccines if the CDC, and FDA had their way before " early Nov" guaranteed to happen: dr. cattle says that climate change will create more pandemics. 2the Fed twins will call for more stimulus. 3 the irascible governor will be given 100 times more latitude than one who was not poster boy for anti-former. 4. sec. defense diversity. While were at it, what to expect from the fed vis ai vis serial correlation on on 5 pm. march 15 pod.

Guaranteed to happen : the "non-partisan" committee will calculate that a wealth tax on those with wealth above 1million will generate 2 trillion in extra taxes in 5 years provided anyone who reduces wealth goes to jail. dynamic scoring will not be allowed.



Interesting to see relative performance of SP and Nas with no overlap when both diverge over last 60 day, i.e. when one is up and the other down, how does it compete to random days in last 12 years.

I am very fortunate when algorithms aren't taking followers away because of their incorrect calculation that I am not progressive enough, I am greeted by advertisements for specials offers to buy NY times and offers to buy dairy queen chickens bites, that is shot across bow.

Go to office of handicapper general for punishment https://youtube.com/watch?v=T-4LZj_jGEE to immerse yourself in Berkshire and NY times advertisements.

Proverb of the day from Tom Wiswell " some players never fall for the same trap twice. they are very good at finding new ways to lose. ( shout out to former President, and director of woke on algorithm).



back to new 1yr low for bonds' at 15794 basis March.

Defense dept. fires shot across the bow at news media. maintains steadfast defense of capitol with more force than in Afghanistan.. bonds at new low. very woke very bull.

Dr. cattle lobs critique 

The calm before the storm Monday 

Shocking prediction https://youtube.com/watch?v=T-4LZj_jGEE when SP up and Nasdaq down over last 60 days? when bonds ware at new 6o day low is SP bear? hey all American from Martin Niederhoffer to coach Irons at Brooklyn college. Slow steady rise doesn't force bear out the frog.



Good movie on video , Kurt Vonnegot, the more you lose in sales, the more I give you of other peoples money. lesson on difference between sales and profits appropriate.

Keys to game. 1 will the SP break old high of 3954 set on 2 -15 -2021.

The more woke the more bull… suppression of impairment, forgiveness for certain farmers,, steady beat of the relentless rise to new highs, long time between drinks, money to certain groups , banning of right to work.

Finally the tech assuming their rightful lead over old faithful's . a la mode de rigeur, the way woke world should be.

The number of susceptible, those not already vaccinated to woke is keeps getting smaller. will there be enough to bring the SP to new high or will the market succumb to the English disease. 

Very thoughtful and valuable discussion of checker playing and proverbs on last two videos of Sennetttniederhoffer .



247 million false entries memorialized on big platform for Prez. 45- 69 million false entries memorialize for Prez 44. Luv Governor mentions before 25 and after 45 shows similar bull bias.

Advice from two greats: if you want to be creative "Walk " preferably in the woods or forest. Beethoven and Brahms waked an average of 4 hours a day in Vienna woods. school boys used to think Beethoven was madman as they met him murmuring and gesticulating on their way. The school boys met him going to school and the coming back from school. he yelled and howled as he was thinking of music because he was deaf.

"A spike and channel bear trend" https://investing.com/analysis/emini-big-reversals-in-middle-of-3week-trading-range-200566012 there's hope for counters as long as wsj espouses — 



"Caught my attention " , tightening, ' go big ", 350 billon Argentina, 15 weeks paid leave.

What could be more woke https://federalreserve.gov/foia/files/chair-yellen-calendar-062014.pdf camp kinderland " go big ".



Rates  return graph of the triumphal trio yet but every since  their work appeared in 1997 which I first popularize dand reviewed  they have  been presenting work  that  pushed the expected return down by 5% or so a ear. I call  it the English disease. I have  tried to counter this  but they always have a new argument. they are like shiller in that content. I am not as facile now as I was 20 years ago, but I will find  time and they ability to understand their real return graph and then will  serif it part of the  English disease. However,  no one has more respect for the  triumphal  trio than I . 



I'll take a red sandwich on green. " life is tooo short to wake up in the morning with regrets".

This will go down with " baker did it" in the annals of disintegration. " the former president did it " 

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