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Marion Dreyfus


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6/18/05 Counting Playboy

Marion D.S. Dreyfus is a communications pro. She is often found in caffeine-like mode writing in a range of styles on subjects as far afield as safari hunting with a camera to knowing what to do with lightning when you're lost in the wild, prison reform in a dicey environment, to taking on routinely inaccurate international media on their own turfs.

She taught 2003-2004 in four universities in China; writes for weeklies, dailies and blogs; hosted a radio show in big ol' Wuhan, Hubei province, PRC; discusses and debates healthcare, medicine and new drug entities; is a Middle Eastern maven, activist and pundit; reviews film, theatre, TV, restaurants (a dozen reviews in 2006 ZAGAT's); calligraphs belles lettres, love notes from rock stars and plaques to Putin (always a godmother, somehow never a God); creates and publishes (and performs for audiences in 10 states) poetry; coaches speech makers; judges international documentary festivals; and millipedes medical documentation for the ever-hungry but reticent FDA. Journalistic endeavors in four continents. Major travel. Mensan.

Aside from those, she produced in the tri-state area a radio talk show that features parodistic high-fission skits, call-ins, political scathe and a mélange of melody for the not-yet-savvy-enough-to-opine listener. Had been a puts-and-call girl for a wild while; now a somewhat more sedate blue-chipper until the next bubble or victor comes along?

Will edit for chocolate.