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By marion d s dreyfus

Because counting (for some reason I'm too much of a newbie to understand) seems so important to investment SpecList-ers, here's some counting and compiling on the run of Playboy magazines, from it's inception in '53 up to today. It may answer some of your questions. Compiling it was instructive -but is there a deeper pattern evident under these mounds of, ah, flesh?

In no particular order of significance: The mag began, famously, with the nude Marilyn Monroe in December 1953. Always a monthly, except for the famous 'missing issue,' March 1955, when the publisher missed the deadline. All subsequent issues have come out a month early since. While MM was the first centerfold, she was not the first playmate; she was distinguished as Sweetheart of the Month. Playmate of the Month began with January 1954.

How old is Hugh Hefner? Hef made his entrance on April 9, 1926, in Chicago, Illinois, to Glenn and Grace Hefner. An average student, he attended Sayre Elementary School and Steinmetz High on Chicago's West Side. No gifted student, just a run-of-the-mill Joe just getting by. In starting Playboy, his idea, he says, was 'to create a men's magazine with some sex in it.' He 'never meant to be a revolutionary.' (According to centerfold personal reports, without sleeping with Hef, the monthly prize spotlight is unachievable. Though they are notoriously reluctant to discuss details.)

Is he the "genius" people say he is? Merriam-Web defines a genius as "a person having extraordinarily high intelligence, esp. one with an I.Q. of 140 or above." So if Playboy press releases giving his I.Q. as 152 are accurate.... As a multi-millionaire hundreds of times over, Hef is -- unlike Hustler Larry Flynt --purportedly esteemed by the publishing industry. The TV show. The parties. The publicity. The girls. (Even The Donald, for all his spectacular Mar e Lago, is somewhat less famous.) Hef pulled it all off while wearing p.j.'s in the comfort of his own mansion.

Does he have kids? Several. His first marriage (to Mildred Williams) produced a daughter, Christie (born 1952), and son, David (1955). Christie largely runs the magazine. His second marriage (to Kimberly Conrad) produced two sons, Marston (born 1990) and Cooper (1991). In 1984, he acknowledged paternity of an adolescent named Mark as his son, based on his relationship with the mother and the teen's birthdate. Whew department: Later DNA tests proved Mark was not his son.

Has Hef ever been arrested? He was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor for the January 1958 pictorial of Elizabeth Ann Roberts, not yet 18 when she posed for Playboy. Charges later dropped. He was arrested for obscenity for the June 1963 pictorial, "The Nudest Jayne Mansfield." The trial ended with a hung jury. (No double entendres intended, thanks.)

Does Hef have anything named after him? Yes: a species of endangered marsh rabbit named Sylvilagus palustris hefneri. This species lives only in the lower keys of Florida, in 13 sites and nowhere else on Earth. The Lower Keys rabbit is under the family Leporidae. About 16 inches long, with brownish dorsal (back) markings and grayish fur, it was first placed on the endangered list June 21, 1990. The population consists of something in the realm of 300 rabbits, according to Lazell, 1984, based on pellet counts ( 'sign' to outdoors and hunting enthusiasts). Here's why Hef's moniker is attached to it: This species is active only at night, early early morning, and late afternoon--though its herbaceous diet consists of veggan favorites: leaves, shoots, buds, grasses and woody plants. Hefneri also boasts a unique breeding manner: dominant males chase inferior males in addition to receptive females. They then build a network of mazes of dens, runs and nests of cord grass and sedges, with inner linings of belly hair. The spitting image, no doubt, of the Mansion.

What about Playboy on the Web? The website actually makes over $16 million dollars a year and they get more visitors than does the magazine. But, of course, most every aspirant wants to be in the magazine.

Playboy stats
 Lightest Playmate: 94 pounds - Shannon Long, October 1988
 Heaviest: 140 pounds - Anna Nicole Smith, May 1992
 Average weight: 113 pounds
 Shortest Playmates: 59 inches (4'11"): Sue WIlliams, April 1965; Karla Conway,
April 1966
 Tallest: 73 inches (6'1") - Susan Miller, September 1972
 Average height: 66inches (5'6.2")
 Smallest bust measurement: 32"(B)
 : Karen Elaine Morton, July 1978
 Also: Anne-Marie Fox, February 1982
 : Anna Clark, April 1987 (32 D)
 : Sharry Konopski, August 1987 (32 DD)
 : Jennifer LaVoie, August, 1993 (32 D)
 Maria Checa, August 1994 (32 C)
 Largest measurement: 41" - Rosemarie Hillcrest, October 1964
 Average: 35.6"
 Smallest waist: 18 inches - Michelle Winters, September 1962
 Largest: 27 inches - Saskia Linssen, June 1991
 Average: 23 inches
 Smallest hips: 32 inches -(two dozen Playmates)
 Largest: 39 inches - Unne Terjesen, July 1962
 Average hips: 34.7 inches

How much do they get paid? Playmates used to get $20,000, the Playmate of the Year, $100,000 (1994). Non-Playmate pictorials, if clothed, used to be paid $100; semi-clothed, $250; and nude, $500. Living at the mansion, which involves twice weekly must-perform sexual engagements with Hefner, used to pay live-ins $2,000 per week.

About the first Playmate of the Month As stated, MM was not the first playmate. The first centerfold was Marilyn Monroe, "Sweetheart of the Month." The first centerfold to actually be called Playmate of the Month was Margie Harrison, January 1954. Hitting newsstands in December 1953, Playboy carried no cover date -- Hefner was not sure when or if he would be able to produce another. But the first issue sold more than 50,000 copies -- enough to pay the costs and finance another issue. Thus began his impressive saga and his globally notorious magazine.

Any evolution? The famous three-page fold out centerfold made its first appearance in the March 1956 issue (with Marian Stafford). In October 1985, the physical format of the magazine changed; instead of being held together by staples, the magazine was produced with the 'perfect' or flat binding. So now the centerfold is attached to the magazine at top of the centerfold, instead of stapled in the first fold. Thus if the magazine was closed with the centerfold unfolded, two pages would stick out, instead of one.

First Playmate of the Year? Ellen Stratton, the 1960 Playmate of the Year (and December 1959 Playmate of the Month).

First black Playmate of the Month? Jennifer Jackson. She appeared in the March 1965 issue.

First Asian-American Playmate of the Month? May have been China Lee, 1964. Asians are histprically reluctant to appear in ads, pictorials, nude spreads. Though in Asia there are specialty mags that are chock-a-block full of Asian women in the altogether, Asian women willing to offer themselves to Playboy-type situations, even for large sums, is still strongly disapproved of. Examples of this attitude filters down to Asian parents' reluctance to bring in their children for advertising photography, though that has slightly less opprobrium attached. Chinese and Japanese children for ad shoots are therefore at a premium in this country. There have been under a dozen Asian playmates. (Some are of mixed heritage and it is hard to tell, as they can be using adopted names [or names of husbands].) There are countless Danes, Norwegians, Swedes and other low-country Valkyries.

Who was the youngest Playmate of the Month? The legal age limit is, of course, 18. However, supposedly Elizabeth Ann Roberts, in the January 1958 issue, was only 16 at the time. Her mother accompanied her to the photo session, and claimed she was 18. She was also attending college at the time. Both Playboy and Miss Roberts' mother were charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, charges later dropped. The German edition has had at least two Playmates who were under the age of 18. (One was Ursula Buchfellner who appeared in Germany's December 1977 issue, 16, then. She later appeared in the US October 1979 issue. Joyce Nizzari and Penny Baker, December 1958 and January 1984 issues, were both 18 when they posed.

* What about early playmate photographers? The first centerfolds for Playboy were not actually taken by Playboy photogs. Playboy purchased nude pix from calendar pinup photographers (notably Baumgarten Calendar Company, which supplied the famous Marilyn Monroe pic). The first Playmate to pose for Playboy directly was Eve Meyer, for the June 1955 issue. The last 'anonymous' Playmate was Lynn Turner, January 1956.

-- the oldest Playmate of the Month? The oldest Playmate of the Month, officially, was Cindy Brooks, April 1985; 33 and a half. More recently, according to a tell-all interview by an ousted playmate, the oldest PotM was 36, in the mid-1990s. And yes, according to her, every Playmate must sleep with Hef before being anointed. And yes, he uses Viagra. Others 30+ playmates include:

: Julianna Young (November 1993) 33
 : Kathleen Ann Shower (May 1985) 32
 : Susie Diane Owens (March 1988) 32
 : Bettie Page (January 1955) 31, 9 months
 : Arlene Baxter (December 1993) 31
 : Janis Schmitt (February 1978) 31
 : Eloise Broady (April 1988) 31

How many have been Playmate of the Month several times? The first Playmate to appear as the Playmate of the Month three times was Janet Pilgrim. She appeared in the July 1955, December 1955 and October 1956 issues. Interestingly, she was discovered from within Playboy. She was Playboy's Subscription Manager.

The first Playmate to appear as the Playmate of the Month twice was Margie Harrison. She appeared in the January 1954 and June 1954 issues. Others include Marilyn Waltz in the April 1954 and April 1955 issues, and Marguerite Empey in the May 1955 and February 1956 issues.

-How often have there been two Playmates of the Month? The first issue to feature two Playmates as Playmates of the Month was the October 1958 issue. The pictorial was titled "Le Rouge et le Blanc" and featured Pat Sheehan (blonde) and Mara Corday (redhead). The idea was that while some men would prefer one playmate over the other, the true playboy was a connoisseur and would appreciate the differing qualities of both equally. Pat Sheehan appeared on the usual three page foldout. Mara Corday was on the reverse of the lower two pages of Pat Sheehan's picture, so her "centerfold" was only two pages. Both said "Miss October / Playboy's Playmate of the Month" as per usual. The October 1970 and September 1989 issues also had two Playmates.

How many Playmates have had daughters who were also Playmates? One. Carol Eden was the December 1960 Playmate of the Month; her daughter, Simone Eden, followed in her footsteps as the February 1989 PotM. However, Jane Mansfield (Miss February 1955), had a daughter, Jayne Marie Mansfield, who posed for a regular pictorial; Tamara Davis appeared with her daughters, Dawn and Shannon, August 1993 pictorial, "Like Mother, Like Daughters."

How many Playmates have had the same name? Oddly, this has happened twice. A Susie Scott appears in the February 1960 and May 1983 issues. A Jennifer Jackson appears in the March 1965 and April 1989 issues.

Playmates with multiple or pseudonymous names? Playmates mostly had two names for three decades. Since the 80's, more and more women had three. From research, it's clear that many of the names are not their real names. (List incomplete)

 : Marilyn Monroe, 12/53: Norma Jean Baker, Norma Jean Mortenson
 : Dolores Del Monte, 3/54: Delores J. Mack
 : Jayne Mansfield, 2/55: Vera Jayne Peers, Jayne Palmer
 : Elsa Sorensen, 9/56: Dane Arden, Elsa Mitchell
 : Lari Laine, 5/58: Corinee Entratter
 : Natalie Hope, 9/58: Natalie Hope, Teri Ronson
 : Eleanor Bradley, 2/59: Helen Wheels
 : Stella Stevens, 1/60: Estelle Egglestone
 : Teddi Smith, 7/60: Delilah Henry
 : Surrey Marshe, 1/67: Solveig Mellomborgen
 : Gwen Wong, 4/67: Gwen Lipscomb
 : Michelle Hamilton, 3/68: Roxanna Platt
 : Claudia Jennings, 11/69: Mimi Chesterton
 : Linda Beatty, 8/76: Linda Carpenter
 : Dorothy Stratton, 8/79: Dorothy Hoogstratten
 : Terri Welles, 12/80: Terri Knepper
 : Gina Goldberg, 5/81: Tina Virenius
 : Sherry Arnett, 1/86: Sherry Klemesrud
 : Susie Owens, 3/88: Cora Street
 : Simone Eden, 2/89: Simone Howe
 : Brittany York, 10/90: Alison Armitage
 : Vicki Smith, 5/92: Vicki Lynn Hogan, Anna Nichol Smith
 : Angela Dorian = Victoria Vetri
 : Marguerite Empey = Diane Webber
 : Traci Adell = Traci Adell Sikkink
 : Janet Pilgrim = Charlaine Karalus
 : Christina Leardini = Christina Herbert
 : Becky DelosSantos = Mary Beth Delos Santos

Hef's long-time gal-pal Barbi Benton, never a PotM, also never used her real name: Barbara Klein.

Married when they posed for Playboy? List is partial. Lots of Playmates have been (shhh) married.

: Eve Meyer
 : Bonnie Marino
 : Christina Leardini
 : Candy Loving
 : Suzy Simpson
 : Stacy Arthur
 : Ann Marie Goddard
 : Laurie Wood
 : Dorothy Stratton
 : Tracy Vaccaro
 : Kelly Burke
 : Debbie Ellison
 : Ashley Allen
 : Donna Perry

Famous PotMs (Vast number of Playmates appear once and are never seen or heard of again)

Marilyn Monroe (actress) Dec 53 Betty Page (porn star) Jan 55 Jayne Mansfield (actress) Feb 59 Stella Stevens (actress) Jan 60 Shannon Tweed (actress) Nov 81 Anna Nicole Smith (model/actress) May 92 Pamela Denise Anderson (actress/video vista) Feb 90 Jenny McCarthy (model/spokesninny) Oct 93

Playmates who are ...no more? Marilyn Monroe, December 1953 (drug overdose) Jayne Mansfield, February 1955 (car crash) Claudia Jennings, November 1969 (motorcycle accident) Dorothy Stratton, August 1979 (shot by husband) Willy Rey, February 1971 (sleeping pill OD). Carol Willis, July 1970 (auto accident)

* How many times have men appeared on Playboy covers? The first male to appear on the cover of Playboy was Peter Sellers, in April 1964, with Karen Lynn. The October 1979 features Burt Reynolds and Gig Gangel. January 1980 featured Steve Martin, Amy Miller and Michele Drake. May 1984 featured Phillip Anderson and Rita Jenrette. September 1987 featured Timothy Dalton and Maryam D'Abo. August 1989 featured Donald Trump and Brandi Brandt. August 1993 featured Dan Aykroyd and Pamela Anderson. October 1993 featured Jerry Seinfeld and 8 playmates. July 1994 featured Patty Reagan and a male model.

Oldest woman in a Playboy Pictorial? The oldest person to appear in a Playboy Pictorial (known) was Terry Moore, in the August 1984 issue, when she was 55. Vikki La Motta was 51 when she posed, November 1981.

The following voluntarily appeared in Playboy in some state of undress.
 : Andress, Ursula (actress), June, August, December 1965; July 1966;
 :   November 1973; April 1976; January 1982; July 1983; April 1986
 :   January 1994
 : Bardot, Brigitte (actress) March, November 1958; December 1959; July
 :   1964; April 1969; January 1975
 : Bernhard, Sandra (comedienne), December, September* 1992; May 1991;  March
 : Basinger, Kim (model/actress), February*, July 1983; January 1988, 1994
 : Braga, Sonia (Brazilian actress), November, December 1978; May 1979;
 :   December 1981; November, December 1982; August, November,
 :   December 1983; October, December 1984; April, November,
 :   December 1985; December 1987, 1988; March 1994
 : Chambers, Marilyn (porn actress), April 1974
 : Collins, Joan (actress), January 1967; March, December* 1969;
 :   November, December 1978; February 1980; December 1982; April,
 :   October, November, December 1983; April, July, December 1984;
 :   June, July, December 1985; September 1986; January 1989; September 1991
 : Crawford, Cindy (supermodel), July 1988*; April 1993
 : Crosby, Denise (actress) March 1979;  May* 1988
 : d'Abo, Maryam (actress), September* 1987
 : Derek, Bo (actress), March, August 1980; Sept 1981; July 1984; Jan 1989, Dec. 1994
 : Doherty, Shannon (actress), March 1994
 : Evans, Linda (actress), July 1971*; January 1982; June 1986; January 1989
 : Fenn, Sherilyn (actress), December 1990; January, March 1991; September, November 1993
 : Fonda, Jane (actress/traitor), August 1966; March, April, July 1968; January, December 1969; December 1970; November, December 1971;
    December 1972, 1973; April 1974; November 1977; March, August,
 :   November, December 1978; January, April 1979; April, May,
 :   December 1980; February, November 1981; March 1982; April 1989
 : Gabor, Zsa Zsa (actress), March 1957; April 1963; January, March
 :   1967; December 1978
 : Griffith, Melanie (actress), December 1975; January 1986
 : Hahn, Jessica (media personality), November 1987*; September 1988*,
 :   December 1992
 : Hall, Jerry (supermodel), October* 1985
 : Hemingway, Mariel (actress), April 1982; January, May 1984; January
 :   1989; March 1994
 : Hershey, Barbara (actress), August 1972
 : Jackson, LaToya (singer), March 1989, November 1991
 : Jones, Grace (singer/actress), March 1978; February, April 1979; April 1982;
 :   May, December 1984; January, May, July*, November, December 1985;
 :   November, December 1986; September 1987; November 1992;
 : Kidder, Margot (actress), March 1975
 : Lewis, Charlotte (actress), July 1993
 : Louise, Tina (actress) January 1955; May 1957, 1958; April 1959;
 :   October 1960, November, December 1961; January, December 1962;
 :   December 1965; November 1966; January 1967; May 1980;
 :   January 1989
 : Lovelace, Linda (porn actress), April 1973, February 1975
 : MacPherson, Elle (supermodel), May 1994*
 : Nielsen, Brigitte (actress), September*, December 1985; August,
 :   December 1986; June, December* 1987, February, December 1988;
 :   January, December 1989
 : Norton-Taylor, Judy (actress), August* 1985
 : Parkinson, Dian (game-show hostess), December 1991*; May 1993
 : Plato, Dana (actress), June 1989
 : Rogers, Mimi (actress), March 1993
 : Principal, Victoria (actress), December 1972; September*, December
 :   1973; December 1975, 1976, 1979-1982, 1983; January 1984
 : Seymour, Stephanie (supermodel), March 1991*; February 1993*
 : Smith, Anna Nicole (aka Vickie Smith)(model), May 1992; June 1993: February
 : Sommers, Suzanne (actress), May, August 1978; December 1978, 1979;
 :   January, February*, December 1980; February 1981; March 1983;
 :   January, November, December 1984
 : Stone, Sharon (actress), July 1990*
 : Swedish Bikini Team (spokespersons), January 1992
 : Taylor, Elizabeth (actress), January 1963
 : Vanity (singer), May 1985; April 1988*
 : Welch, Raquel (actress), January, November, December 1969; January, August,
November, December 1970; December 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974,1975; June, December
1976; February, May, December 1977; November, December 1978; December 1979;
November 1980; April,
 :   December 1982; January 1984; February 1988, January, May 1989; February 1990

 Prices for first issues / collectibles   (approximate)
 :                     Ken Ritchie      Ohio Book      Everybody's
 : Issue                (++ cond.)      Store             Magazines
 : -------------------  --------    --------    ---------     ----------------
 : 1953 December      $5000.00    $5300.00    $8800.00
 : 1954 January         $4500.00    $5100.00    $7800.00
 : 1954 February        $3500.00    $3900.00    $5900.00

About: breasts They were all real until the mid-'80s. The former breasts were interesting. Some were conical, some sway-shaped, even ovoid. Now they are uniformly globular and perfect. Enhanced. They are the same, lying down, sitting or standing. They are quite hard to the touch, too.

About: hair color The preponderance of hair in the lad-mag monthly is long, usually shoulder length. Short hair predominated in the 50's and 60's, when Doris Day set the filmic tone of ideal womanhood/girl-next-door but-with-better-clothing. Most are blonde or brunette. As the incidence of redheads in the population is roughly 1 in 11 persons (more in Scotland, of course), the number of redheads in the coveted monthly foldout these past 52 years has slightly beaten the average in the population, at 1.6 per year. Then again, as authentic hair color is rare, many 'redheads' might be not be. Each year's crop of Playmates has between one and three redheads. Same is true, for that matter, for blondes, who are suspiciously numerous, but whose birth-mane might be anything. The old bromide "Blondes have more fun" might be at work here, but more than likely, northern temperate darkish shortish men are hard-wired to pay extra attention to light-haired Scandinavian-type tall fillies evocative and promissory of maximum genetic diversity.

* * * * Is there any ulterior meaning to be gleaned from more redheads or bigger bosoms over the years? From height that is progressively greater (surely a reflection of the better nutrition everyone's getting) to There you have it. Counting all sorts of useless information from 53 years of naked women. But it ensnared me for some reason into its intricate data depths and dizzying silicone heights. And you've obviously read down to this point, too, so... .

Marion d s dreyfus 20(c)05



Marion D.S. Dreyfus is a communications pro. She is often found in caffeine-like mode writing in a range of styles on subjects as far afield as safari hunting with a camera to knowing what to do with lightning when you're lost in the wild, prison reform in a dicey environment, to taking on routinely inaccurate international media on their own turfs.

She taught 2003-2004 in four universities in China; writes for weeklies, dailies and blogs; hosted a radio show in big ol' Wuhan, Hubei province, PRC; discusses and debates healthcare, medicine and new drug entities; is a Middle Eastern maven, activist and pundit; reviews film, theatre, TV, restaurants (a dozen reviews in 2006 ZAGAT's); calligraphs belles lettres, love notes from rock stars and plaques to Putin (always a godmother, somehow never a God); creates and publishes (and performs for audiences in 10 states) poetry; coaches speech makers; judges international documentary festivals; and millipedes medical documentation for the ever-hungry but reticent FDA. Journalistic endeavors in four continents. Major travel. Mensan.

Aside from those, she produced in the tri-state area a radio talk show that features parodistic high-fission skits, call-ins, political scathe and a mélange of melody for the not-yet-savvy-enough-to-opine listener. Had been a puts-and-call girl for a wild while; now a somewhat more sedate blue-chipper until the next bubble or victor comes along?

Will edit for chocolate.