It's unlikely that many have heard of the Ten Thousand Commandments. It's the title of an annual report which measures Congressional legislative progress and then contrasts its record with that of the "rules and regs" initiated by a host of federal agencies in the same period.

The most recent report reveals that Congress managed to enact 72 pieces of legislation. Federal agencies, chief among them the Departments of the Treasury, Commerce, Interior, Health and Human Services, Transportation, and the Environmental Protection Agency pumped through 3,659 new rules. The annual "rules and regs" price tag? $1,863 trillion - to put that amount in perspective, the Feds annual "take" from individual taxpayers was $1.234 trillion.

In addition to the enacted rules and regs, there are an additional 2,500 "proposed" regs awaiting a final go-ahead. There are also over 24,000 "public notices" regarding many of our daily concerns. Among these are issues of health care, education, energy production, finance, land and resource management, etc.

It's imperative to understand that agency rules and regs are legally binding decisions which are written and implemented by groups of nameless, faceless, and unelected individuals — many of whom, like members of Congress, have agendas of their own, but unlike members of Congress, are unanswerable to the American public.





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