I saw a sign reading "abandon all hope" in the SPU on Tuesday and crude yesterday. What other markets leave ye hopeless and without funds before torturing ye by taking a path to all time highs. How can this be quantified.

Vince Fulco writes: 

Only caught it on the periphery through news stories (thankfully). Cattle was a house of pain the last 2 weeks.





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  1. Andy on December 21, 2014 1:58 am

    Many prop traders get paid on their results based upon the closing prices as of the end of the month or as of the end of the year. December yields the double whammy.

    These prop traders would maximize their gains by pushing their holdings now and selling assets that hedge their exposure to satisfy their risk managers.

    Watch for a reversal after the bonus calc dates most in common.

    Some savvy banks pay trading bonuses only after the benchmark dates. They may change the benchmark dates to prevent this sort of bonus gaming.


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