A most compelling talking of one's book, by a collectivist. 

"Gross Says Deflation a 'Growing Possibility' Hurting Wealth":

By Mary Childs Nov. 3 (Bloomberg) — Bill Gross, in his second investment outlook since joining Janus Capital Group Inc., said deflation is a "growing possibility" as governments worldwide are struggling to create inflation and stimulate growth. Central banks around the world have made "a damn fine attempt" at fueling inflation, yet their efforts have pushed up financial assets, rather than prices in the real economy, Gross wrote in his outlook titled "The Trouble with Porosity"…

Gary Rogan writes: 

"Balanced budgets are increasingly in vogue". What universe is he living in? And has anyone ever explained to him that when you have deflation you gain wealth without earning a dime?





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  1. Steve on November 4, 2014 1:51 pm

    “What universe is he living in?”

    The billionaire universe?

    It seems when one makes a billion dollars the typical, mundane realities of life that guide most of mankind’s thinking are lost. They seem completely detached from the reality that most of us know.


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