I'm watching the drivers today in Bali, Indonesia, and I couldn't help thinking they drive like they live. For many on the island, due to the culture and religion, life is relaxed. Road traffic though is fierce, but always when changing direction a slow merging takes place particularly with cars and heavy vehicles, and then there is a gradual build up of speed. Looking around at westerners, they favor quick sharp movements–a total contrast.

I considered, as I was threading my own way through the peak hour buses and trucks and a million bikes, that before the world became globalized many markets probably traded very distinct lines representing their countries default behavior. No doubt, there was a distinct lack of "shadow hands" in the till upsetting the flow. Possibly they had their own insiders come in for the rake occasionally, but generally performed uninterruptedly.

Today I am amazed at the frequency of the same patterns in the big markets with global cover, but there is so much noise and fakes ins and outs along the way…and there's a prevalence of many developed and complex structures to finally achieve their end. Human emotion and character is that resilient. Even today, it achieves its end goal even though I think of the simpler days, when simple patterns ruled the waves.


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