With the end of the baseball season last night, there is the chance to reflect on the off-season, a chance for signing free agents, a chance to consider the merits of such inanities as the challenges, a chance to consider the causes and implications for the uptrend in strikeouts and the downtrend in offense, a time to reread Walt Whitman, to see Field of Dreams and Bull Durham, a time to contemplate those sweet words, "Play ball!" The mysteries of spring will soon be here, but the emptiness of winter must first be negotiated.

The Great Voice of 2014 is now upon us.

Only 105 days til pitchers and catchers report. Thank God it's that soon.

anonymous writes: 

Football, basketball, hockey: professional, college and high school (high school games can be especially fun and inexpensive to watch).

If it must be baseball, go volunteer as a coach. You don't have to be very good or know very much. Yes, coaching "know-how" is very different than "knowing baseball", but it's not that hard to figure out.

Coaching can be so fulfilling!

105 day void filled (and the 260 other days just got more enjoyable).


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