A good way to look at diet is if it's white or dead, it will cause in most, long term volatility.

White Rice, white bread, tofu, white sugar are included in the if it's white and refined don't touch it category.

Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, snacks, are in the dead filler or not of sufficient nutritional value category.

Working on these two alone ("if it's white or dead don't touch") can improve your general long term health by multitudes.

And so be it with Mr. Market…if you side step through all the rhetoric, props and deception, and focus on investments that have economic value at the heart of the them, not propped up by any whiz bang marketing campaigns or an overseeing federation, and clever use of the laws, then your chance of low volatility long term returns would be somewhat increased. Which is probably the way we all want to live.


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