Best Podcasts, from Jim Wildman

September 11, 2014 |

 What are your favorite podcasts?

Some of mine are:

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History and Common Sense - quirky commentary on history and current events

Freakanomics - by the author of the book 

99% Invisible - looking at design elements or things behind the scenes (like the tile pattern in the floor of the Atlanta Hartsfield International Terminal) 

Several from the How Things Work web site, and Stuff You Should Know site

Truth for Life with Alistair Begg (conservative pastor from Ohio)

Several Red Hat (my employer) specific including the DG Show which is two senior architects discussing general technology with a serious bent towards security.

I use Pocket Cast because it syncs across multiple Android devices and allows variable speed listening

Marlowe Cassetti adds:

I like to catch the podcasts from Porter Stansberry (on iTunes &

Some other podcasts i listen to:

The Data Skeptic 

In Our Time with Melvin Bragg 

The Skeptic Zone (they did a three phase interview with me) 

Monster Talk 

Skepticality : The Official Podcast of Skeptic Magazine 


Oh No Ross & Carrie [ ]

No, I'm not a podcast addict, although my wife has a different opinion.

Big Al says:

The one not to miss is EconTalk [ ]


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