I took part in the Chicago Triathlon. One of the highlights was witnessing american enterprise at its best. It's a very efficient system working for a piece of the aspirational consumer disposable income. The evangelizers (using their own but also academic research in psychology) increase the popularity of the sport through the media outlets and the elite athletes. At the top level the message is about health and self-improvement. Quality of life is so high these days, that we crave for activities that simulate physical struggle. They also disseminate technical views and advice, which by definition are in favor of newer and more gear. Every part of the sport gets highly specialized, horizontally and vertically, following the professional circuit. It's a matrix of time (training, pre-competition, competition, post-competition) and technical component (nutrition, recovery, gear, literature, tourism). Every component gets subdivided more and more to create diversity of demand and add new lines of businesses. At the end of the day everybody is happy.





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