A problem many market participants encounter is that they hold rigid views and systems which, just like the strongest steel and concrete, are destroyed under the right conditions.

It is nature that produces the strongest products of all, and we can learn from nature how to handle our trading. Take bamboo, for example: "the plants endure cold winters and extremely hot summers and are sometimes the only trees left standing in the aftermath of a typhoon. They may not reach the heights of the other trees, but they are strong and stand tall in extreme weather."

This article "10 Simple Life Lessons from Bamboo" provides many lessons for us all.

anonymous writes: 

Here are a few amazing things I have learned about bamboo over the years:

1. The young can grow very fast - 3 feet in a day.

2. Thickness of the young and the mature is about the same.

3. Most grow on barren land.

4. A whole forest of bamboos can come from a single root.

5. They blossom once about 60 years, after which they all die and allow new seeds to grow.

6. The seed has potent stimulant for animal reproduction.

7. Bamboo shoots, bamboo fungus, and leayv (or bamboo worm) are delicious to eat.





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