Here is a list of golf aphorisms written by a friend of mine. He is a competing low handicap golfer of just 20.

You can't win a tournament on Thursday, but you can definitely lose it.

There is no picture on the scorecard.

It is good to compete. It brings out the best of your abilities.

There will always be new swing ideas and people in your ear about mechanics. Stick to the swing that is natural and successful for you.

Approach the toughest hole with the same strategy as the easiest hole.

Golf is a test of your will versus the course, the natural elements and the tournament.

You can't walk off the course and go back to the range.

Play with what you're hitting that day be it hook, slice, or draw.

Have just one or two "swing thoughts" for the day.

If a putt lips out but you hit it the way you wanted, that's all that can be asked.

Learn how to play in different conditions and environments. It won't always be 75 degrees and sunny.

Sometimes hitting the driver 300 yards isn't the best play. Figure out when to be aggressive and when to be tactical.

Always forget your bad shots or good shots for that matter. Focus only on the shot at hand.

Sunday on the back nine you may have to change tactics completely.

Often times a bogey is a great score.

Never get angry with the course set up, the greens, or pin placements. Everyone plays the same course.

Approach practice like a tournament. Make each practice shot live and relevant.

-Austin Williams USC 2014





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