The first Swede in space knows just what to serve his astronaut colleagues for dinner: moose and crisp bread. Christer Fuglesang, who is set to become the first Swedish astronaut to embark on a space mission next month, said Thursday he will bring a decidedly Scandinavian flavor to the food menu aboard the International Space Station … [Read More]

Fuglesang completed training as astronaut at the European Space Agency in 1993, and at Nasa in 1998. He has since been the poster boy for always being in the back up crew or not getting flights, and then when he finally got scheduled a flight with the shuttle, there was the accident which threw his entrance into space back another few years. He has been a target of endless jokes from standup comedians and such in Sweden for almost a decade now. Well, no more, now he is getting press as the guy who never gave up, as he is bound for space on thursday … [Read More]


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