If one were to order a custom cane to use during market panics, that cane would have a handle/top fashioned like a honey badger's head–with teeth bared. The bottom, the point of the cane, its claw like foot for digging up bargains, and the shaft of the cane from the bottom up like a baby leopard's spots mixed with the black and silver wood of the Badger's fur like colorations. Since the bottom of the market is at its weakest, like a defenseless cub, yet its colored to scare one off, like a Honey badger does at first glance, you must be willing to go into the coop and take what you can, because that is what a spec is designed to do. You must remind yourself to be fearless and aggressive so a look to the cane's snarl in your fist should remind you to attack–without delay.





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