Ulf af Trolle was a famous Swedish business consultant who was fond of saying,

"If you really have to make an economical prediction, then follow this golden rule: Make the prediction optimistic. If you are right, then you will get a reputation to be extraordinary skilled. If you are wrong people will sympathize with you. At least you did your best. If you instead make a pessimistic prediction, and get it wrong, then you are a klutz. And if you are right, then you will be blamed for creating the situation."

I am not so sure that Mr. Trolle kept positive all his life though. Late in his life, he worked 13 years on his magnum opus, a book about Swedish economical solutions. Then he took his only original copy of the 250-page manuscript to be copied — only to have it shredded to 50,000 pieces when a worker confused the copier with the shredder.


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