It always struck me that trading was a lot like a video game with the world's worst user interface (perhaps deliberately so according to some, who think that knowing obscure Bloomberg functions leads to job security). With the advent of Robinhood.io and potentially commission free equity trading, one of the major hurdles to gamification is removed (i.e. you bleed to death if you don't know what you're doing).

I wonder what would happen if you hired some very strong video game developers off Bioware or Nintendo (or even outright did a merger). Then mixed it with a trading platform.

I feel like you might hit an unexpected audience in Asia - see: Activision's Starcraft had near permanent cultural impact on South Korea.

Interactive Brokers is an awesome trading platform if you know what you're doing but the UI feels like it was made in 1995. In the meanwhile Nintendo is not adapting to the times. Totally impractical and probably would happen more as a start up than M&A but just a thought that could bring speculation to the masses.

Hernan Avella writes: 

Your idea seems an iteration of an old process, the transition of markets from the pit to the screen and from manual to automated trading. A certain trading firm I know used to hire young man with video game skills, namely being fast with the mouse and being able to do fast basic arithmetic. The fittest players also had a deeper understanding of deception…"fainting", a sequence based process for looking X amount of moves ahead.

The last 8 years could be described as the industrialization of gaming, fast computers, fragmented markets, cheaper commissions, explosion of quotes. It would be interesting to know what new games are being played now, or will be played in the future. Will they be just iterations of the old games (running stops, spoofing, layering) like the so called "momentum ignition"? Or as you hypothesize, will there be new games driven by new technologies and different ways to interact with data.


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