Proverbs by Tom Wiswell.

Do or die: "Drawing is not a dirty word and neither is defeat. Play to win, but take a draw, or even a defeat, and wait for another day. That's the name of the game."

A Doubting Thomas: "If you want to be certain of your position, you must begin by doubting it."

Confidence Game: "in order to win, you must have plenty of confidence, and that's fine unless it becomes conceit."

Your Manuscript: "You will need a blank book: plus a pen or pencil. And something just as important: an eraser."

Defeat: "In many losses, especially among masters, it is the one fatal move that breaks the camel's back."

Stroke of Luck: "With luck, students may win a game or two. But with knowledge and work, they may win many games, and even become masters. Stick to your last."

Ambition: "You have to burn the midnight oil if you want to set the world on fire."


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