One always appreciates the wisdom of Tom Wiswell. For 20 years, once or twice a week he'd write down proverbs from checkers that were applicable to markets and life. He'd say, "Victor, this is going to be my last book, and the best book. I'm ready to take off my hat". Today, the boys in the office look at the numbers and say, "it's getting quite bullish in SPU". Whenever Tom put you in an untenable position after you made a hasty move, and you started thinking, Tom would say, "now you're thinking" and shake his head sentorially and sadly. I had an opportunity to say that to my colleagues today: "Now you're becoming bullish".

Tom would also add after looking at Susan's legs, and her natural grace, (she never wore a drop of makeup or tried in any way to enhance her natural state), "Victor, the one thing I regret the most in my life is that I never married a girl like Susan." Then he'd sadly shake his head again and say, "but then again if I had, I might not have written 28 books."


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