About 52 years ago literally, one developed an audited method for predicting the movements in the Dow. One thing led to another and it led to my meeting the Palindrome which led to my learning from him over our 10 years of great proximity such things as always to use two cans of tennis balls when playing a practice match. In any case, I note today that while gold is up 8buck the gold ETF GDX is unchanged. Of course a reason for this could be that I am long GDX. However, on a more scholarly, and meal for a life time note, I wonder if the gold stocks, lead the price of gold. It used to be 50 to 75 years ago that Homestake mines and Asa both led inversely the Dow. From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in 3 generations. Which reminds one that one was once playing tennis with the palindrome at Tennis Port where you needed to be a billionaire to play there, and we met one of the most successful tech investors of the 80s and he called out to me "what are you doing these days Vic. Haven't seen you in years?" And the Palindrome answered before I could say a word, "don't worry, exactly the same." Regrettably he was right then and now.


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