A recent documentary on the BBC about Tim Hetherington, the war photographer, was very poignant. Tim died aged 40 in the conflict in Tripoli. Something about the mixture of humanitarian intent, film star good looks, big brotherly persona, and artistic skill made him very likeable.

It was interesting that in the run-up to his death Tim spoke at a conference where he foreshadowed his own accident and commented to the effect that: You are at more risk as you age as a war photographer. You instinctively know where the hot story is, but that is often also where the greatest danger is. When you are young, it takes you time to get the story and you approach it with caution. But when you know, you are desensitized, you go straight there and go all-in to get it.

One needs to be careful not to make glib analogies of risk in war zones to risk in finance. But does the old successful trader risk developing a sense of invincibility, go straight for the good risks, and go all-in?


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