Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw are MIT trained scientists with interesting ideas about life extension.

I read their most well known book Life Extension, A Practical Scientific Approach many years ago, and still have a now yellowed relatively beaten up copy of it. I think the tricky thing about what they are attempting to do is that the research on antioxidants is mixed at best. In fact, many of their earlier recommendations may have resulted in an increased risk of some cancers. In looking at their current formulation, they have greatly scaled back the amount of certain antioxidants, probably based on later research. Kurzweil is another one we have mentioned on this list who is doing everything he believes possible to extend his life via supplementation.

I am perhaps not the best poster child for life extension as I have struggled with my weight most of my adult life, but I have had a strong interest in it, particularly the area of supplements, for decades. I am still interested in supplements, but I am currently of the belief that vitamin D is the only one worth taking without a doubt. I also do take fish oil and more recently ubiquinol. Despite the mixed study record on fish oil, I think it is worth taking a chance on it.

It is very challenging to parse out what supplements may actually be of value in the quest to extend life.





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