1. "Never marry a position you wouldn't wish to get out of"

2. "Don't play in markets where men named Doc control it"

3. "The rules committee members never lose"

4. "Don't go against the palindrome or others with unlimited capital"

5. "Moves before key flexionic announcements will continue"

6. "The Israeli market is the most sagacious in predicting the US market"

7. "The DAX and SPU dance together with one leading the other"

8. "The bonds and stocks move opposite until the reverse monkey rope snaps"

9. "The most assured way of losing money is to short stocks" (the palindrome told me he lost more money that way than any other, and all the great traders I know except for Ed Marks have told me similar )

10. "Reverse at the beginning of a period and go with at the end"


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