On a recent ski trip to Hokkaido Japan, we had 10 days of heavy snow on top of 3-4 meters on the ground. Deep fluffy light blower powder.

Food, lodging, recreation were very cheap. Nice airline Airport hotel for $65. Spaghetti dinner $9, wine $2. French Chateau bottled 2011 vintage $12, French regionals Medoc, Bordeau $9. Full room and board at rural onsen $60/day per person. Ski lift tix $40, $33 for senior, $10/single. Noodles $6. Big Mac, fries, coke…$7. Part of it is the recent 30% devaluation of the yen, but it still does not explain the values.

The Japanese were very polite and many more had some English than 25 years ago. Very noticeable demographic age bracket bulge in 60s and 20s.

Yishen Kuik writes:

Japan is cheap these days.

Hokkaido is a major tourist destination, famed for hot springs, sapporo beer, nikka whisky, the countryside, fruit from yubari, champagne powder skiing and a spectacular snow festival among other things. It is an island north of the mainland but chitose airport is beautiful and large and the shinkansen links it to Tokyo.

Pretty much the entire skiing population of Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and South East Asia skis in Japan and Hirafu, Niseko in particular has emerged as the international ski capital of Australiasia with 1000 usd a night for a fashionable 2br apartment as the going rate in peak season. Malaysian, Australian and Hong Kong developers have filled the town with modern eateries and apartments.

But elsewhere, 100 usd a room with breakfast buffett and onsen is the norm at the many good bubble era hotels built all around the country. Cheaper alternatives go all the way down to 40 usd a night at ski pensions. Many Australian seasonaires are to be found in Niseko working the bar, cafe, ski hire and hotel.

In major cities outside Tokyo, food is excellent, crime non-existent, public infrastructure superb and the level of service is exemplary. In downtown Kyoto iirc you can get prime real estate for 400 usd psf and non-prime at 200 usd psf. You can lunch at a touristy place for 20 usd or pay 10 usd for an excellent bento box lunch. Kyoto is the cultural tourist destination for the Japanese and japanophiles with festivals throughout the year. A wonderful town where Steve Job's favourite hotel, the Tawaraya, is located.





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