I've recently started to enjoy hip hop music. I'm talking Juicy J, Andre Nikatina, real gangsta rap. I never could listen to it before, but now enjoy it very much. Some observations:

1. It appears to be a new form of music, and despite its roots in African rhythms, is a clear break from current pop music forms. It appears to be a form of tone rhythm poems. The structure does not have standard ballad form. It appears to have a refrain.

2. You need specialized equipment to hear the elements of the mix. A regular radio or car radio does not pick up the bass part which predominates the mix. A typical subwoofer set up has a 1k watt amp with special bass speakers. You've heard them in cars 200 feet away driving down the road.

3. The rhythms are polyphonic and multi-layered, varied within songs and changing. It seems to defy normal time signatures. Perhaps more technically trained musicians can correct me here. The various voices of the musicians pick up different rhythms over the sub rhythm.

4. The mixes sound lush, full, but a relatively sparse with only about 5 or six elements. There is typically a piccolo snare drum, a piccolo note pattern defining the chordal feeling, and a big bass part filling most of the mix. On top are varied vocal improvisations with different vocal tonal structures.

 5. The lyrics focus on a narrow range of drugs, sex, money and cars. The word "Nigga" is the most used lyric. For example, a typical lyric will read, "We dem niggas, We don't give a f%$k". I can't tell if they are serious or its posing, but if a white person accused an African American of any of it, the PC police would be knocking down their door. I don't understand what is going on here at all. A friend points out that all pop music deals with sex, money, but normal pop music is much more whitewashed.

Since this is a market forum, it occurs to me that a market position should be like a good music hip hop mix in that it will have a harmonious clean mix of a few good holdings all designed to promote not only a good profit, but a good statistical expectation and variance and express a simple but cohesive theme. For example, recently gold, bonds, yen all went down and have had a nice bounce. These seem like varied and diverse elements but have moved in concert. ES seems to have lagged in its movement. For the last year, ES has not been much of a trader so its good to add other things into the mix.

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F**k the losers.


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