There are many good points in this report of xtandi. First one notes that life expectancy increased from 32 months to 34 months, a measly increase. Doubt very much it's real life significant. And it must not be statistically significant either as the stand deviation must be 5 years. With a sample of 1000. The standard error is 1/6 year or 2 months. But for most of these drugs, they are never tested to treat recurrence, or as a preventive. So thousands of drugs are never tested but the biology makes them worthwhile and a good Dr. can prescribe off label uses. See the web for a book by a Dr. using a multi factorial approach "Beyond" that has cured many knowing of such things and also Chinese uses where they don't care about this ridiculous double blind thing that is not used for decision making in any other field but is used here probably as a natural consequence of keeping out competition and flexionic interaction between regulator and regulated for the benefit of reducing competition.

Richard Owen writes: 

I read on the weekend a bit about Rupert Sheldrake, who was formerly a Cambridge don but was frozen out of the academic establishment for pursuing ideas such as remote reviewing and ESP. He recently wrote a book called "The Science Delusion", a play on Dawkin's book.

But it is interesting to read of Brian Josephon a Cambridge physics Nobel winner and Richard Wiseman a well known "skeptic" of the paranormal at Hereford Uni, saying that "by the standards of any other area of science that remote viewing is proven". Particularly, by the statistical standard applied to medicine and drug trials. Wiseman's view, however, is that exceptional claims need exceptional evidence.

Sheldrake make's an interesting point of the casuistry applied: Theoretical Physicists propound concepts for which there is no empirical evidence at all (e.g., multi-verses, etc.) whereas for the sorts of intuitive paranormal effects the proverbial man in the street believes in (dogs knowing their owners are coming home, guessing who's calling you on the phone), the standard is unobtainable, even though the claims are somewhat isomorphic (e.g., physics: quantum pairing / instant communication, vs. remote viewing)

Does this say more about the quality of medical trials or mysterious voodoo? Worry not, I suppose: a man in a white coat is here to tell you what to think.

"Rupert Sheldrake and Richard Wiseman Clash Over Parapsychology Experiments"

"Could there be proof to the theory that we're ALL psychic?"


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