The film White Men Can't Jump features two basketball hustlers: Billy Hoyle (Woody Harrelson) and Sidney Dean (Wesley Snipes).

1. Billy consistently bets his whole account on each game. He gets ahead quickly for a number of games, but also repeatedly wipes out.

2. Sidney, on the other hand, is diversified. He bball hustles, but also runs a food stop and decorating business. He takes a share of the bets Billy fronts.

3. Billy owes hard money. As a result, he has two mafiosos trailing him.

4. Sidney (per Billy) would rather look good than win. He takes risks which don't further his financial goals.

5. Sidney and Billy eventually meet with success by entering a competition funded by sponsors. No money is risked. They have learnt to leverage OPM.

6. When either winning or losing, Billy goes on tilt if criticized. After his biggest victory, having won his money back, he bets Sidney his whole proceeds that "white men can jump".

7. The biggest financial success turns out to be Billy's girlfriend, Gloria. She believes - seemingly irrationally - that her destiny is to be selected for quiz show Jeopardy. Sidney eventually persuades the security man from the Jeopardy studio lot to get her in. Such was her persistence that the irrational became actual.

8. Deception operates repeatedly. There is:

- the trojan horse: offering to play with any partner, having placed preppy doofus Billy in the court stands;
- the thrown game: Billy is paid by some mafiosos to throw a championship match;
- the false friend: Billy and Sidney form a hustling team, but Sidney plays to lose thus hustling his own partner;
- the shakedown: to make a grub stake, a bball player tries to rip off a liquor store;
- rule changes: a hustlee, having realised that he is the mark, refuses to pay up and pulls a gun; and many others.


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