Although I do not post regularly on the Spec-List, I do regularly read many of the postings and conversation threads on this site. I have purposefully placed myself on radio-silence/posting-probation due to just plain financial ignorance, and more importantly, that I have found that I learn much more from people who are more knowledgeable/intelligent than I if I am in learn mode vs. expositional mode.

Part of this problem is my area/s of expertise is manufacturing engineering, quality engineering, six sigma methods (I am a SS Black Belt in my day job, designer of 20 successful experiments, self-taught in Evolutionary Operations, Sequential Simplex Optimization, and Theory of Constraints, blah-blah-blah), and Toyota Production System (TPS) and lean production systems, all of which have almost nothing to do with investing/finance. In the former, I am near the top of the heap as far as successful project implementation goes compared to former co-workers. But I continually pursue auto-didactic improvement.

A few examples would serve to speak to this. At a recent job, I was instrumental in lowering PPM (parts per million defects) from 7.4 to 3.8 in slightly more than one year (that translates to the facilities' production of 21 million assemblies and only making 80 defects, or 0.00000381% defect rate). I didn't do all of it myself, but worked on greater than 70% of it. At another position, I implemented a Kanban system that saved greater than $50k in first month it was used and reduced WIP (Work In Process) by 16.2% in $$$ saved terms and reduced % of WIP by 67%, 55% and 11% respectively in the three areas it was used; then followed that up by fixing their clearly non-functional 5S program in less than three weeks.

Again, these examples are not trivia in standard manufacturing environs, but not relevant sometimes for Spec-List postings and conversations. I have asked a few folks (read: local friends) to apply for ~LIST Membership, to no avail. Personally I recognize the benefit of the SPEC-LIST, and OPEN-LIST for my erudition. I think the friends read portions of the daily speculations website and got scared off. It is such a wealth of knowledge, even though many NFW items never get there. Try as I might, these non-LIST friends do not get the joke, and they're worse off because of those insular mental restraints, and I've told a few of them just that.

~LIST membership places one in a group of extraordinary and obviously gifted individuals. Yet some people wouldn't know a gold mine if they were led there by the nose.

Just a personal comment: The TV shows, "How It's Made", and "Ultimate Factories" are the best entertainment available.

Best regards,

Richard Bubb


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