One would recommend the movie Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit to specs. It opens with Jack dozing on a mathematical economics book, and then shows scenes at the London School of Economics where he gets his PhD. He is shot over Afghanistan and joins the marines. He meets Keira Knightley, a budding Dr. Who he falls in love with. The story is not from Tom Clancy but made up. And it's eerily true. The Russians wish to create a combined financial and explosive crisis because they're upset about the price of oil. But Jack goes to Russia with some good footage on the highways, hotels, and restaurants there to uncover the plot. Keira, his girlfriend, has to seduce the Russian mastermind while he breaks into the office. She is very homely throughout the picture and there is no romantic interest except for the time she surprises him in his Russian hotel, where he drowns an assassin from Uganda, to make sure he's not cheating on her. The Company is very adept at siding Jack, and has the ability to instantly find the whereabouts of anyone two hops away from a terrorist of 12 years ago.

Nothing is realistic except for the combination of a financial attack in conjunction with the terrorist attack. Out of the clear blue sky I got bids on the way out of the money options in the week before 9-11. And in the previous week, the market looked like it was ready for a Oct 19, 1987 type swoon. It took a week to stabilize a bit before the denouement just as the Russians in the movie allowed the dollar to rise before planning to put the boom on it. There is nice footage of a trading floor, and romance is mingled with arbitrage. Apparently the PC thing is to blame it on the RUsshians rather than the cronies of the Master Terrorist who was so proud that he was able to cause so much havoc and killing with the expenditure of only a medium 6 figure amount.


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