Disabled people are 1 in 6 of the population but have spending power the same as gay folks who are 1 in 20. Both control only a quarter as much spending power as ethnic minorities who are 1 in 8. Ethnic minorities control almost a third of total UK expenditure.

All seems internally consistent and reasonable. Good to see the government has such a clean handle on the statistics.

"Why is the Disabled Pound Purple?":

The UK's 11.9 million disabled people are said to have disposable income collectively worth £80bn. Campaign groups regularly cite this figure and find it useful to remind businesses and politicians that disabled people are a sizeable economic force and should not be forgotten.

Black and ethnic minority spending power, £300bn - 12% of the population of the UK, according to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, IPA,

Consumer power of the gay community, £70bn to £81bn - thought to be 6% of the UK, according to OutNow Consulting, 2007.

Overall UK disposable income of its 25 million households plus non-profit sector, 1.078 trillion pounds, according to the Office for National Statistics, ONS, 2012


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