I wonder if the new technology 4D Geoseis would have applications in other parts of the world and if rights can be obtained that might make it useful as a business idea. For instance, in South Florida I know of a underground utility search company that uses radar, metal detectors, and other devices to look for buried lines before you dig (this is normally a free service from the individual utility companies for the lines leading into your property) on your property that used to charge about $700/day to send a trained technician and equipment to your site.

In the middle of Florida there are several companies that locate sinkholes or potential sinkholes (ie. Karst solution features) under properties and charge significant fees.

So a service that delineates potential fracture zones in high definition before a building or structure is constructed would seem to be very useful or perhaps information that insurance companies would like to know in advance.

As a general analogy to markets one might ask about or think of the potential fault zones that could "reactivate" and cause seismic shifts that have been inactive and buried for many years.

"Hollywood developments straddle earthquake fault, new maps show"

Hollywood building


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