Think You Have It All? Not Without A Personal Poet On Retainer

Sure you made a jillion. Made it with a social media triumph that allows hordes of vacuous people to spend their days sharing pictures of their cats with millions of friends online. Or maybe with a brilliant derivative that destroyed the economic future of a small country in Europe.   You earned your jillions. And you bought all the boy toys that were supposed to make you happy. You’ve even begun the laundering process of this money by giving bits of it to environmental and cultural organizations, thereby earning the right to be endlessly surrounded by chirping Gaian groupies and anorexic graduates with fine arts degrees and meaningless titles at large museums, all seeking to glom even more from your bottomless pile.   But it’s not enough. Why? Because every Tom, Dick and Jane billionaire is doing the same — except Jane who bought a lot of girlie goodies instead of boy toys.   So now you’re thinking: Mike, how do I set myself apart from the billionaire herd? Here’s my answer: With a personal poet on retainer. Someone to elevate just another multi-million dollar wedding, christening or bas mitzvah into an event that will ring down the ages. And not only bring you this singular joy to which only great wealth is entitled, but memorable rhyming discomfort to your enemies as well. For the poet’s quill can sting like an arrow as well as happily tenderize like a good stool softener.   Interested? You betcha. But you’d best get in touch with me promptly. Before someone who hates you and has even more money gets to me first.  

Email to mike AT wallstreetpoet.com [replace _AT_ with @] . Serious inquiries only.

Wallstreetpoet's [Michael Silverstein's ]  newest book is The Devil's Dictionary Of WallStreet.


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