What are the major 3 body markets that orbit around each other in our solar market system and how do their epicyclic orbits relate to each other ( in the future) ?

Alex Castaldo suggests:

I would say Stocks, Bonds and a commodity such as Gold or Crude (I am not sure which of these two). Crude is probably more closely related to the macro economy. 

Jeff Watson replies:

One must never underestimate the importance of the grains, which I would include in the 3. While they can be both cyclic and periodic, they do not observe Kepler's laws of planetary motion.

Bill Rafter adds:

IMO the most important word in the Chair's sentence is "epicyclic", specifically because it is non-linear. Stocks specifically exhibit non-linear behavior, and seeming have forever. Bonds used to behave very linearly, but now behave similarly to stocks, although contrarily so. We have yet to find the defining characteristics of currency markets, but keep trying, hoping to find useful information relating to other markets. Gold is also a tough one, making one think it is a rigged game. REITS [Real Estate Investment Trusts] behave like a hybrid equity-debt vehicle. We tend to think of REITS as a free market version of the variable annuity (but without the huge vig).

Duncan Coker wrote:

If the original three bodies are the sun, moon and earth. I believe the markets equivalents would be equities, bonds and the euro/$. Put another way they are ownership, credit and money. Unfortunately there are no Universal laws that govern their relationships, but there are relationships.

I just visited a planetarium yesterday and it is astonishing to see the really big picture. Elliptical patterns like the solar system planets follow are seen in many places.

David Lilienfeld wrote:

Equities, bonds, cash, gold: the permanent portfolio .

From Peter Saint-Andre:

You're both right.


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