It seems that the Monday Night Football (MNF) schedule and DJIA component company selection processes have much in common.

Since the MNF schedule is set in April, prior to the start of the season, the NFL league schedulers and television network personnel seek to predict both pertinent team pairings and those which will result in high viewership numbers. Early in the season, super-star players, team rivalry, prior playoff matching, team's home market size and fan fervency are paramount. It would seem that after the first several weeks, a transition in importance would occur towards the competing teams W/L records, playoff and division standings, and perhaps an added spoiler component during the last couple of weeks (there is no MNF the final week of the regular season).

Contemporaneously, prior to odds-makers incorporating the MNF schedule as a metric, does the selection committee pick better performing teams than the sports book rankings? Separately, perhaps there is a deleted team outperformance effect, or the rising to the occasion big-stage effect to consider.


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