Frigid temperatures and snow in northern climates often barely make a dent in daily routines. Yet place the same weather in a more southerly climate not used to it and the daily routine is often put in a tail spin.

Exercise and sport training is generally done best done progressively building upon a base in conjunction with one's skills and ability. Without that, you're going to be prone to injury.

What are some methods to extend your conditioning and preparation in the markets without setting yourself up for a tailspin or injury?

Examples might span from research on potential economic developments, statistical modeling, risk measures for loss minimization and profit maximization, expansion of the breadth of products traded, etc.

In contemporaneous markets, for example, you might ask how have markets become conditioned to the Fed's monetary policy and what might be the spillover effects to this stopping and the weather changing?

anonymous writes: 

Very true. I've noticed that when we in the southern states get hit by a major devastating event (like the flood that nailed Nashville a couple of years back) it merits about 30 seconds of national coverage because someone happened to film a schoolroom trailer being washed away down the Cumberland River.

Yet should NY or NJ get hit with some major adverse weather event, every minor inconvenience gets covered and the major ones become "national news" — and, of course, require immediate, and enormous, federal relief programs. Meanwhile the citizens of states like Minnesota and Wisconsin manage to dig themselves out of all sorts of major floods, snowstorms and tornadoes with hardly a word.

What's happened to the descendants of the Atlantic coasters who initiated and successfully implemented a revolution? Now it's become more common to whine and seek federal largesse…and if received, will be it tax-free.


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