In light of Manchester United's current predicament, Sir Alex's old words should be revisited for current managers and punters alike.

"Only through success can a manager become master of his own destiny," Ferguson wrote. "Success unlocks all the doors. Set against a background of two or three trophies, decisions can be made with a ring of conviction, players accept what you are saying without doubting, supporters sustain their belief through the inevitable setbacks and you become a figure of authority without the need to look over your shoulder. Success achieves all these things as well as giving a manager security at home, knowing his job is safe."

They have been overachieving the last few years only because of Sir Alex. He hand picked his successor to ensure his legacy remains intact by setting up his successor for failure. Moyes walked right into the shiv.

United will be getting everything they deserve and more in the coming years. The potential cascading financial effects of not qualifying for the Champions League will be massive. What goes up must come down. It looks like Government Motors invested at just the right time.

Shirt sponsorships and future stock performance is worthy of a study in its own right.


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