One is reminded of a dinner I hosted at Bernadin where E and a beautiful money manager from abroad were my guests. E confided to her that he owned 1/4 of the entire soybean crop at that time. And that he took time off from composing for Billy Joel to visit the crops each year and just came back from a personal barnstorming. Needless to say, the money manager paid no attention to me, not only because of our relative wealths, but also because he exuded so much more stature and resilience than myself. Presumably E in pointing to the futility of the counters is indirectly but politely pointing to the follies of a counter such as I. Yes. I have been short on several days this year, despite the correspondence of this year to 1999 (I believe it was I who gave him the final bullish nod in 1999 based on millennium signs in City Island). And I'll be short overnight tonight. Furthermore, I'll be long bonds. If anyone told me that I'd have the exact same positions overnight as the Upside Down Man, and be going against the giant money making machine of E at the same time, why—- I look around 3 times —- I'd report myself to headquarters like Willie.


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