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December 18, 2013 |

 In a quick test of whether the scholarly market gets the skinny of the open market announcement by one means or another, or just anticipates it, inspired by my experience as a business broker where I never was able to collect a full fee from a scholarly owner, I find that before the big up days the scholarly market tends to be up, and before the big downs, the scholarly markets tends to be down. Big ups on open market day in US occurred on 9/18/2013, big downs occurred on 10/30/2013, 6/19/2013, 5/1/2013, 3/20/2013 and 10/24/2013. Presumably no cats will inculcate lymphoma around here based on this.

Victor Niederhoffer writes:

A senior poster writes that in his career as a business broker, he often was chiseled on the fee at the closing, especially by those who were men of the Good One. The below post is in response:

Richard Owen writes:

Chisiling a fee pre close is on the list of business tactics alongside reducing your bid or offer at the last minute, forgetting to pay someone's bonus in year one as quitting after twelve months is their problem more than yours, running lots of accruals or prepaids into your closing numbers, and many others.

The 'theory' is that over time, if you run this playbook, word gets around and people stop doing business with you or adjust for it so it is priced in. In practice…

What are some of the senior hands views on the list of such tactics? And is one at an advantage or disadvantage by not participating? A chump, a prude or a good businessman?

Two of my business heroes are Pete Peterson and Ron Howard. As far as one can tell, they turned their fortunes without turning anyone over.

For those big successes who were 'strokers' - did sharp practice help them? Was it a material or immaterial component in their overall success? And if it was immaterial, did it correlate to other personality characteristics that were essential? So one takes the rough with the smooth?


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