American Scientist has a recent article on The Science of Seaweed. It is behind a paywall but it has an excerpt:

"The macroalgae collectively known as seaweeds are photosynthetic marine organisms that historically have enriched human beings ecologically, industrially, medicinally, nutritionally, gastronomically, and culturally. Excerpts from Ole G. Mouritsen's latest book sample these many benefits, showing the range of Mouritsen's self-confessed obsession with what began for him as a culinary delight. The biology and chemistry of these marine macroalgae is narrated with spotlights on Victorians' beachcombing and pressing specimens in England, the fascinating discovery of the red alga Porphyra's life cycle, Mouritsen's lone sojourn to the algae treasure trove hidden in the Natural History Museum of London, and a world-class chef's irresistible concoction of seaweed-flavored ice cream. "

But I see the entire, very interesting article at the following link that mentions that seaweed contains minerals in an abundance an order of magnitude higher than terrestrial plants.

Here is Dr. Mouritsen's new Seaweed cookbook . In it he proposes a new term: "gastrophysics"!


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