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December 15, 2013 |

 Clarke took Brom to its best ever placing last season, but four consecutive losses takes his job.

There are many counting lessons in this story: "West Brom Sack Head Coach Clarke".

Draw down after a big year. Should four losses be a mean reversion or elbow point? If only busted stocks could be as apologetic as Mulumbu.

"Steve Clarke has been sacked as head coach of West Bromwich Albion following a fourth straight Premier League loss

"It's very harsh," Shearer commented. "They overachieved last year and that put pressure on him. When you have a slow start to the season questions will always be asked. The chairman might look at it and think other clubs have improved [after changing manager]. But even so, you have to say it's extremely harsh."

"I feel sorry for the manager," Mulumbu tweeted.(external)"Us players are on the pitch but he's the one who's getting the consequences of our bad play. I wish him all the best for the future.""


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