Among the fascinating anecdotes in Art Shay's fascinating book Album For an Age, which I am reading with delight, is this description of the way they bought companies in Chicago in the 1970s. Nat Cummings of Consolidated and Henry Crown of General Dynamics and Hilton had a regular gin game at the Drake every Sunday evening. An entrepreneur with a major paint company, Kirsch asked Crown if he could present him with his game plan and financials with a view to a purchase. Crown said okay, meet me at The Drake, but be brief because I don't wish to interrupt the game. It would be disrespectful. Kirsch spoke for 5 or 10 minutes to Crown giving him the lowdown and the price. Crown said, "I'm afraid that the asking price is too high. Good luck to you. I'll discard the 9 of spades." Without interrupting the game Cummings said, "young man, I like what you said. I"ll buy your company. Hendry, how many points did I leave you with on that gin."

I wrote to Art: "My only regret is that I did not know you and your wife in previous years. I am an avid collector of books and letters and would have had so much to talk about with your family. And what a family it was."

Art replied: 

Likewise. Anyone who sends Bo to another continent to make business decisions should be worth meeting. It's still possible. I have 2 shows opening in Chicago–BUT have a nice show of celebrity pictures opening in NYC March 6 at the Morrison Hotel Gallery, 136 Prince Street in Soho. I'll be there. 

I'm 91, but am resolutely planning to do a new bio based on my 150 or so blogs on vault of Art Shay. I'm syndicated in 14 US cities, plus Toronto, Shanghai and London. Impetus came from a piece I did titled "Sleeping With Elizabeth Taylor and other perks of the photo trade." It got well over 50,000 hits. Look it up.


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