It is so frustrating to watch Smith create losses for the team, with their random one on one play, and only he and Melo shooting in the clutch that I've taken to listening on the radio rather than tv. Amazingly, the announcers on the radio are infinitely better than the tv, with Walt Frazier bringing up the rear on tv, with his ridiculous rhymes, "jiving and diving". Rather than commentary. Anyway, Spero on radio is sagacious. He routinely says things like, "the team that scores the last basket before an overtime, i.e. the catch up basket generally wins the overtime." Also, "when you shoot 3 fouls, there's a tendency to miss them much more than the percentages would show". Things like that should be tested in markets as they express highs and lows in human behavior.

Pitt T. Maner III writes: 

Just happened to watch the Knicks (6 straight losses at home) in the 4th quarter and in OT against Indiana the other night–it wasn't pretty. Shot selection was poor down the stretch and J.R. seems to have a knack for clanging critical shots. No comparison to the old days of Frazier, Bradley, Debusschere, Lucas, Reid, and the ever graceful, with bandaged knees, whirling dervish-like, "Earl the Pearl". Maybe they will do better when injured players return…

"It's possible that what Smith refers to as "panic mode" really just means that he's going to get serious and do his part to ensure that the Knicks don't continue to slide into the lottery. Still, it's interesting to consider what panic mode could mean for a player as enigmatic and frustrating as J.R. Smith. On a nightly basis, Smith baffles with his erratic shot selection, defensive breakdowns, and ability to take over a game playing exactly the same style that submarines his team's chances at a win. Panic Mode J.R. Smith could be even crazier, with a tendency to dribble with his palms and throw elbow passes as a matter of course. I mean, he already got stuck inside a garage on Thursday, so something must have changed."



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