A Dream, from Victor Niederhoffer

November 17, 2013 |

 I dreamed I visited Galton's house at Rutland Gate. He was seated at his desk dressed in 21 layers against the cold and drinking from his whistling key kettle while he held a notebook in his other hand. "I am looking at Cousin Darwin's stock and consul investments. He's very good, but he shouldn't short so much. The power of compounding combined with the high return on capital is too great" he said. He laboriously got up and led me into the dining room where Cyril Burt, Jensen, Dimson and Stigler were sitting. An attractive Japanese woman served the meal and Burt kept making gallant remarks to her concerning the mutton. There were setting for additional guests.

He got up and I offered him my arm to stabilize him. He presented me with a notebook ruled with horizontal and vertical grids. He said, "Use these to copy down the market prices with time on the vertical and price on the horizontal. There's a big difference between reading it from the Babbage or the typewriter and doing the calculations and counting yourself." I woke up with tears in my eyes.


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