It's shocking to see with all the disapproval of the Oval that the stock market keeps going up. Usually the Oval is like a father figure, and when disapproval of him goes up, it makes everyone insecure in a freudian way. Suicide and expiation for evil thoughts comes to the fore, even the sale of stocks. I think I'll sell some tonight.

Gary Rogan writes: 

I note with interest that Aetna was up 1.74%, Wellpoint 1.67%, United Health 0.61%, Humana 0.89%, and all of them are a lot closer to their 52 week highs than lows. Superficially the Oval has created a dilemma for them today where they will supposedly be blamed for an incredible mess as they are now "allowed" to re-offer the just canceled individual plans that they can't possibly offer in time to have the formerly insured covered again in the new year on any scale as it takes too long to reprogram their computers, send the letters out, get various local approvals, etc.

Vic Niederhoffer wrote at 10:06am EST via Twitter:

All bad things must come to end including shorts. I call this a draw. I
will go after believers in flow funds more important than stocks next week.

Steve Ellison writes: 

One wonders if the stock market is moving inversely to the diminishing likelihood of any further attempts at agrarianism before 2017 given the tremendous loss of political capital by the Oval Office and the lame duck status of the incumbent.


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