Once again the sensibilities of the centrals and sovereigns and flexions galore who buy the bonds at the auction were not discommoded.

Gary Rogan writes: 

I have maintained for many months that they will not let the rates run away for as long as they can help it because they just can't afford it. Those who thought that the employment report would provide some cover for the would-be taperers and sold everything in sight wrongly believed that the supposedly taperers needed cover. Their only real job is to delay the death spiral of higher interest payments => higher borrowing to make those payments => higher rates => still higher payments for as long as possible. Well, OK and to keep the big banks permanently on the dole. How can they ever do anything deliberately that will signal higher rates? Only mistakenly as Ben did in May, a mistake he tried hard to correct but not enough to even think about tapering.

But the good news according to Ms. Yellen that the stock market isn't in any kind of bubble either, so it's safe to buy. To infinity and beyond! Abby Joseph Cohen a noted expert on value in the market still sees some so it's all good.

Craig Mee writes: 

So many fake outs, levels of deception, noise, and price runs come to mind, but just a few take away from that trade that you look back on and think to yourself, "how easy should that have been, all I had to do was hold".

Gary Rogan adds: 

A few days ago Goldman's Hatzius found two Fed economist studies that support lowering the unemployment threshold for tapering. Of course that's only to help unemployment as all of the Fed's goals are ultrapure. How often do we see Fed studies that permanent money printing on this scale isn't something that has a precedent and these projections are on the level of "climate science"? Once again, to the man who only has a hammer everything looks like a nail.


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