If you clicked on this email expecting to find my latest prescient thoughts on Apple, you will be disappointed.

Rather, I'm looking for some inexpensively-valued stocks in iNDIA and iNDONESIA. (I know, I know, Russia is supposedly cheap too.)

I looked at the big caps in the India ETF's and they don't look cheap for a country that is suffering from the early stages of a capital flight. And I don't trust my Bloomberg for finding diamonds in Chanakyapuri.

Does anyone have some favorites? As Sergeant Joe Friday would say, "just the tickers, Ma'am

(Don't be shy. I only harass Mr. Rogan when his stocks go down.)

Many thanks.

Sushil Kedia writes: 

Define a CIX b'berg as: CNX Nifty Index / CNX500 Index. That would be a ratio of Largest 50 stocks index and the broader 500 stocks index.

A severe flight into safety has played out. Looks like the penultimate round. Obviously the small and mid caps have had visited 10 year lows, more than half of the 4500 listed stocks trade at P/B <1 and about one fourths of the stocks are at a P/E <10.

Elections are due in the first half next year for the Union Govt. Important state elections in 5 states results on 8th Dec.

New high in large cap index got everyone's granny to orgasm. Market closed lower last 5 days.

Flight into safety brings a market to all time highs, with no breadth so to say. The severe divergence in small caps and mid caps produced a jumbo rally in them briging them to be now "overbought".

While the hoi polloi rejoices both the new high trip in the prior weeks and the sizzling rally in smaller stocks, there are heavy signs of distribution. This market is right now hollow.

Flight into safety… hmm… a final scramble of a flight away from safety, i.e. no place to hide remains due…

Well, if this time its different is an adage everyone heard all their lives, I am watching outside of India, while sitting right inside here. Will emerging market currencies sell off? Will this whole world sell off ONLY after FED actually tapers off and there would be no reward to those who will anticipate and speculate?

Cheap… without some reason? The obvious may have first become unobvious, yet once more.

Jeff Rollert writes: 

Bristol Myers gas had this strategy for years. They're basically banks now.


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