There was a very interesting segment on 60 Minutes last night about GoPro and its young CEO, Nick Woodman. A fellow who failed with an earlier business but who came up with a great and very profitable idea.

One can imagine attaching the GoPro camera to a RC mini-quadcopter along with certain geosensing tools (small magnetometers, maybe gravitometers, GPS etc. –depending on lifting capacity of the copter) in order to aid prospecting for minerals in rough or jungle terranes. Certainly it suggests a way to more quickly do local remote sensing projects.

I would imagine it potentially useful for archaelogical or environmental work too. One can envision a "smart" GoPro that could process remotely sensed information (possibly in extended wavelengths like IR). Inspection of all types of man-made structures becomes easier.

As mentioned in the 60 Minutes program, coral reef surveys have been greatly improved by utilizing the underwater GoPro cameras.

Here is the TV segment with Anderson Cooper.

Here is a company with geosensing possibilities like GoPro uses. 


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