Grist for the toxicologists and epidemiologists and experts on the site. I am concerned about sushi. Check out this article.

"Although uncertainties remain regarding the assessment of cancer risk at low doses of ionizing radiation to humans, the dose received from PBFT consumption by subsistence fisherman can be estimated to result in two additional fatal cancer cases per 10,000,000 similarly exposed people."

I wonder if the mercury, PCB, and other contaminants have more impact from a toxicological standpoint or is it an order of magnitude.

This is the Fukushima radioactive "tag" used to track fish migratory patterns.

On another related subject, this is a paper on atmospheric fallout (and congenital hypothyroidism, CH) from Fukushima:

"Understanding why CH rates have risen in developed nations such as the US is a complex task, as multiple factors are likely involved. Exposure to radiation, especially the thyroid-seeking radioiodine isotopes, should be considered as one of these factors. The meltdown at Fukushima Dai-ichi presents an opportunity to analyze this factor, and studies such as this one should continue."


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