One of things that all good board players know is that they should keep looking one move ahead in their game. Don't only look at what your move is, but also look at what the likely move of your opponent is, and what you will do, and he will do. Keep pressing and looking forward. The number of moves to look at is an exponential and keeps rapidly increasing. The good checker player often looks 100 moves ahead, and many of the standard positions and variants thereof look 50 moves ahead. The good computer programs in chess look at 7 of 10 moves ahead for all possible moves involving billions of possibillities.

In Markets, one is often faced with what looks like a nice expectation for a few hours, or minutes ahead. But. But. You might not be able to get out then. Liquidity might dry up. It might be before an annnouncement or a transition in trading, or the bid and ask might widen. If you look at what the expectation might be then, and thereafter like the good board player, you might curb your enthusiasm or increase it. But looking ahead more and more time periods is always good. 


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