Although it has been quite a challenge, I have been able to place some trades and face the test of covering short options in the upcoming expiry week.

The InterMat terminals at the Nirvana are fun; it helps to know a little Hebrew, and to have a Google personalized home page. Yesterday a chap asked me how much net access cost as he needed to place some stock market trades. Turned out he was trading options on the TA25. He departed in haste, perhaps as that market was changing directions. "It's crazy here," he told me.

Farther afield, in Ein Bokek, is McDonalds, surrounded by hotels. This generous company provides free Wi-Fi. It has unaccountably stopped working for me, however, so I have moved to a nearby hotel.

This country definitely exists, despite being generally missing from weather maps (bracketed on Sky by Qatar Airways ads) and BBC Middle East business programs. One suspects these deals - if deals they be, are conducted with a knowing glance, as with the persecution of actors accused of communist ties in the days of McCarthyism.


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